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    I am in my third and last year of probation. When I finish paying my fines I will be allowed to go before a judge and be released early. Until then, I am transferring my probation according to my husband's orders. It's taken my probation officer almost two months to transfer me to my husband's training station. In less than two months he will be getting orders for his permanent duty station. I am so scared that my new probation officer will do the same thing. Obviously when my husband gets his orders with that certain date there is no stopping it. If my probation is not transferred in time and I am not allowed to leave with him, my daughter and I are pretty much SOL. I was told army orders pretty much guarantee my quick transfer but so far that has not been the case. I am current on my fines and report when I am supposed to; I behave! What can I do to ensure I am allowed to move with my husband? Is there anything I can do if my new PO drags my transfer out?

    Wanted to add we are staying with in-laws until I am transferred. I also have no probation violations and have stayed out of trouble since then. How long can they keep my daughter and I separated from my husband legally? I am worried that he will get his orders two weeks before he is supposed to leave and then what am I going to do? I know POs are generally overworked and underpaid but I wish I was getting a bit more attention to my case considering I am almost done, am not a 'high risk,' and my husband is serving our country. All I am asking is for our family to have the chance to be together.

    Also... I just checked out the website for the interstate compact and it says that an immediate member of a military family is considered a mandatory transfer and the receiving state should issue a receipt of transfer within TWO BUSINESS DAYS of receiving the paperwork!! What the hell! Why is taking so long then? My PO has my husband's training orders AND the paperwork for the house they've been holding for us on base for over a month now. How do I get in touch with someone who can enforce this??

    Another option.... Pay the remaining money and get off probation. Beg, borrow or steal, (well maybe not steal) the money and pay the fines you said that would end your probation.

    Everyone has a boss, including PO's <hint,hint> I am in a business where I cant wait for answeres and empty promises. I usually call an individual 3 times a day until I get what I need or want. You'll be irritating but it will light a fire under an *** real quick. You can also call JAG at the perm. duty station and see what they say. They have their ways. Good luck.

    If your PO doesn't give the Orchard Homes for you to go, I guess you'll have to stay where you're at or you'll be held in violation of your probation.

    Why might you ask everybody at here this style of criminal situation.. communicate on your probation officer....they won't misinform you.... or communicate on your criminal expert.... Do you think of everybody at here's a criminal student....adequate to have confidence with your existence.......think of roughly it....

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