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    I can understand that there are a lot of dogs out there that are having puppies by who knows what down the street. The owners are irresponsible when that happens. We have attempted to save a pet from the pound. They didn't like that even though we had almost 3 acres, it wasn't fenced in. After jumping through the bureaucratic hoops, we still didn't have a dog that was not aggressive or could be off a leash. We had 2 rotties before that were never on a leash and had great lives here. We gave up and searched for a breeder for a dog of our choice. Looking back, it would have been easier to adopt a child from Cambodia. We now have a Dogue De Bordeaux with Champion bloodlines and UKC papers. We are responsible people, nice large yard, both have great jobs and we live in a good neighborhood. I love this breed and they are listed on the rare breed list. What is so bad about responsible adults having a dog they want instead of being made feel guilty for not taking a neglected one?

    I have heard terrible things about "backyard breeders" who are just trying to make a quick buck. We don't need the money, we would be doing this for the love of the breed. We had 2 rotts before this and loved their temperment. We had to put the last one to sleep in May. After doing a lot of research on this breed, it sounded perfect for us. I could not get over how loving and docile these "Dogues" were. I want more! ha ha Here's Olive (I love) - 8 months old

    I am in no way ready to breed her anytime soon. I have over a year to do my research. I want to make sure I am doing things the right way and what is best for the breed. The breeder we got our puppy from is over 2 hours away. It was really hard finding this breed. I have a ton of questions already listed to find answers to even before I breed her. I'll check my list to see if I missed any that were mentioned

    As already mentioned, I'm not in it for the money and I know I have to do more research to do before I breed. I have 5 friends that have already asked if they could give us money for a downpayment, BUT since I am not 100% sure yet on breeding her, I told them not yet. Finding GOOD homes is not going to be an issue. Most people are not going to spend what we did on this dog just to take them home and neglect them.

    There is nothing wrong with choosing whatever dog makes you happy. My brother insists on paying big bucks for champ dogs with a ream of AKC paper, and has nothing but problems with them. That's his choice. I have run a shelter for misfits and aged animals for years, to include blind, 3-legged, deaf, and cross-eyed creatures. I get a lot of teasing because of the assortment, and that's MY choice. What people get so mad about are backyard breeders who don't have a clue, and add to the pet problem for all of us. They are not interested in saving rare breeds, or saving one out of a thousand from euthanasia every week at the local city shelter. With them, it's all about money. I just overheard a local woman bragging about her first litter of Aussie shepherds and how aggressive they were, even at an early age. She said her husband had to knock one unconscious to make it let go of it's six-week-old littermate. She listed several other "traits" that were NOT good, yet sold these dogs without batting an eye. She was also whining because the dog had 12 pups and it looked like she was going to be stuck with 6 of them because she had not advertised them early enough. But that's okay, because this is just her first litter, and she feels she'll learn more with each extra litter...... All they're interested in is the money, while those of us who run shelters beg, borrow and steal every WEEK to come up with enough money to pay for vet care and food for our guys. That's why we go crazy when we see questions in this forum from some lame idiot who has a great dog they're "thinking about breeding" and no clue--9 times out of 10, they are motivated by greed, not caring about dogs. Those folks have nothing in common with you or me, but sometimes we get mixed up in the battle :-) Hope this explains the attitude to you. Good luck to you.

    You shouldnt feel quilty for not taking in a negleted animal, you did try to save a pet. You did mentioned that you had 3 acres which is great for a pet but you must understand that if its not fenced in then the chances of you adopting are minimal as you cant secure the animal, because you have to remember that alot of the pets at a shelter majority are mistreated and negleted and are scared and timid when they arrive at their new home and would most likely run off, having a sercured fenced in area for an animal is for its own safety what happened if he/she ran off got hit by a car or something like that? its not exactly responsible... As for the breeding side as someone said before what are you willing to give up to breed?? its not as easy as it sounds. Someone has to be home majority of the time as your do need to check in on pups during the day to make sure everythings ok and to moniter births as many problems can arise there. What are the reasons you wish to breed? How much do you know bout breeding? Do you know whats involved? Do you know the requiments for the dogs and puppies when mating,before during and after pregnancy, the puppies requirements? Are you prepared to go all out for your dogs and puppies and not become one of those irresponsible breeders? Do you know anything about gentetics involved, what can be genetic inherited and passed invitro? Do you know the health problems that may occur in this particular breed? Do you know bout worming, vacinations and the importance of colostrum? These are only a few questions you need to think and know about before even consider to go into breeding (im not try to attack you they are questions that could help you with your research) and hopefully answering these questions it will help you make your descision clearer or easier, because you dont want to become one of those breeders that have hundreds of dogs/puppies and have no homes for them (thats one of the reasons why shelters get so full) Maybe go back to your breeder and ask questions bout going into breeding maybe even on weekends or when you have some free time see if you can find a breeder that you can voluntee to help and maybe they can tech you a few things bout breeding, maybe that way you can see if breeding is really for you. Hope thats helped('',)

    The shelters can be very selective when adopting out pets. I am sorry, but you must remember that most pets that end up in the shelter are there because people adopt what is such a cute little puppy and forget that they need housetraing and obedience training etc. or they get loose and run away from home (because there was no fence to contain them) or they are not on leash and get spooked, run away and end up at the shelter. Or their lease says no pets, they get one anyway, only to end up taking it to the shelter. Or you have the purebred dog that has a medical condition and the owner does not want to pay to treat it,and it ends up in the shelter for months and months.. I am sorry for sounding harsh, but I have seen all of these things and more, working in an animal hospital and volunteering at a shelterand try to place these pets when they end up on my doorstep. I see nothing wrong with purchasing a pet from a reputable breeder or adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue group. To me most importantly is how you treat the pet once you have it.

    I did not realize that these beautiful dogs held such a beautiful name too. I searched the name on Google. To answer your question: There is nothing bad about responsible adults getting a dog they want instead of being made to feel guilty for not taking a neglected one. I personally believe there is a place in this world for responsible breeders and owners. I understand the need of thousands of dogs needing homes who are in shelters, and those who are euthanized because of not enough homes. But, until we are able to have irresponsible people and irresponsible breeders be accountable for their actions, then there will be those who see all breeders and all owners of purebred dogs as a bad thing. They seem to lump all the people together as bad, instead of seeing the true root of the problem, irresponsibility. If I wasn't such a softee for the neglected myself, I would own a purebred, and be showing them. Congratulations to you and Best Wishes as well!!

    Ok... please just don't breed until you have responsible owners lined up. Make them do their research on the dog. I personally have never even heard of that breed. If the people want a puppy, make them put a deposit on it. lots of people say "ooh yes I wanna puppy!" and when the time comes they change their mind. I sure hope you don't wanna be MORE of a contributing factor to the pet overpopulation/euthanasia rate by having to dump your unwanted puppies. Also, what billions of people don't understand, is that you may not make money off of a litter. I have a friend at work who said his sis wanted to breed shibas, one they got at a pet store (bad news) and another from a breeder. I sat down and i said listen. you will not make money off of these dogs. You will have to get ALL the puppies tested for worms, get all of them checked out by the vet (which costs money) get the mom dog checked out by the vet numerous times (which costs money), you're gonna have to feed them, you're gonna have to bottle feed them in case lola (the female) doesn't (some dogs aren't good moms) you're going to have to do RESEARCH on the breed.. i think the whole "research" thing scared her away.. but also they saw how hyper and insane their current dogs were, so they got the male fixed. (i'm workin on making them get the female fixed) how much money are you willing to put into these dogs? Are you willing to give up your time to possibly help bottle feed these dogs every 2 hrs? how strict are you going to be with people who want to buy your dogs? i mean it's a lot to think about and put together-- are you going to make the new owners get the dogs fixed? are you going to let them breed? what if they no longer want the puppy when it gets older, will you take it back or make them drop it off at the pound? You want someone who knows what they are doing to buy your puppies. I mean what is the natural disposition of the breed? UKC papers mean NOTHING. AKC papers mean NOTHING. These are just pieces of paper, almost ANYONE can get for their "pure" dog. And How do you know the dog has champion bloodlines? are the bloodlines from the mom or the dad? or from a great great great ancestor? did the breeder you got the dog from show you the mom? HOW DO YOU KNOW!? people aren't afraid to stretch the truth about these things. it's a common way to get people to buy dogs by saying "this dog has championship bloodlines!" they don't tell you from WHOM nor do they prove it. they can't. because the "champion ship bloodlines" are from dogs that died 10 years ago. anyway, good luck. i hope you decide not to add onto the euthanasia problem and pet overpopulation problem. there is a lot to think about before breeding, i hope you decide to follow at least some of my advice.

    If you seriously want to breed to improve the breed you should be showing her in conformation and some other area (obedience maybe, that breed would have trouble in agility). Also, do research to make sure that she is an excellent specimen of her breed (try and be objective, everyone thinks their dog is perfect). Make sure hips, eyes, hearing, etc is good or excellent. I understand your frustration with the rescue groups. I live in an apartment and some groups would not adopt to me, even though I exercise my dogs 2x1hr per day, and run and train in agility. They get more exercise than most dogs with a fenced in yard! Some groups have ridiculous restrictions on pet placement.

    As the pround owner of a mixed breed dog and a pure breed Pomerian ( both are fixed) I only ask you to be a responsible breeder. Don't over breed, make sure you find a healthy friendly sire through your vet, don't sell to irresponsible people but most of all please love your pet. There are too many back yard breeders who breed unhealthy dogs. Puppy stores are evil and should be eradicated, more people need to fix their pets because millions of lives are lost and treated cruelly each year. Please do what the vet tells you to do, don't listen to other breeders because their main motivation is the money they make off the pups. Good luck, remember that she is foremost your friend with fur and rub her tummy for me. Orchard Homes for what you said about the whole homeless people thing I completly agree wuth you. People get mad at me for buying my pets purses to travel in, saying crap like if I had money to throw away I should of given it to the homeless. I say that I WORK for my money and will spend it any damn way I want.

    People should not make you feel guilty! Would we chastise new parents for having a baby instead of adopting?! Or do we look down on others for not being foster parents? No, we do not, and that is about human life. So why criticize others for what dogs they choose to have? It is absurd. I raise bichon frise puppies, and I sell them to good homes. They are raised in my home, and are loved from the time they are born. Many people want a good little dog that they don't have to worry about what kind of past it has had. And in your case with a big dog, you are much more likely to bond with a puppy than a grown dog, and you need that trust. I wish the best for you, and don't let other people's rude comments get you down.

    Yes, there are dogs out there w/o homes, but it wouldn't be right for you to adopt them if you don't want them. If you didn't want them then there won't be any love between you and the dog, that would be just like in the shelter or on the street. I don't feel that there is anything wrong with you buying a dog that you want. In fact, Dogue De Bordeaux are beautiful dogs, but are extremely large. I know a Bordeaux breeder who still has trouble believing how huge her dogs are, especially their heads. Congrats on the new addition to your family!

    I don't understand the problem. You have a right to a dog which is reproductively viable should you want one. You also have a right to a dog which is sterile. From an ethical and legal point of view, dogs are a special type of property called pets. They are living creatures requiring appropriate care. They are property requiring appropriate care. Provided appropriate care is given, I don't see a problem with either choice. I personally chose to sterilize my animal. It made sense considering the nature of the animal and the fact that she has gotten away from me on three occasions in two years. There are some health benefits associated with sterilization, but I don't consider them strong enough to warrant sterilizing nearly every animal. There argument regarding homes for every animal is not valid. The number of animals far exceeds the number of available homes/places for them. Assuming people adopted animals instead of buying from a breeder, there would still be animals without homes. The numbers do not support the argument. In short, you don't have a good reason to feel guilty. You can choose to acknowledge that you are doing nothing wrong. You can choose to respect others with whom you disagree. You can choose. Don't feel guilty and don't allow others to make you feel guilty. Try to forgive them and their error. Choose to be happy.

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    Everette Graham
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    Audreanne Beier
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    Caterina Glover
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