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    It depends on the mother's income, and in the state of California, after a certain number of children the amount of money starts dwindling so it is no longer an added "benefit" for each extra child you give birth to as it used to be in the past. However, if these children develop disabilities (cerebral palsy, mental retardation, learning disabilities, etc), which many underweight/at risk babies do, one or more of them may qualify for lifelong supplemental security income (SSI). This does not include the medical benefits (Medi-Cal in California) that they are probably receiving. Mom WAS supposedly almost finished with her college degree in counseling, but I do not picture her going to work in the foreseeable future, let alone any reputable therapeutic agency hiring her given her notoriety (read: her "ethics"), nor that agency providing health insurance for her AND her FOURTEEN youngsters. Excuse me. I'm going to go throw up now...

    Don't worry she has already planned to ask for 2mio in book /movie deals. She took a cue from Kate Gosselin. After Kate lost her last appeal to the state for special funds for her 8 kids and public opnion in Pennsylvania turned strongly against her (the state had already gave her unemployed husband a good job and the Governor set up a college fund, and thousands of folks donated money, housing, cars, etc.), she aimed much higher and now makes half a mil a year from her TV show and more than that from her new book/speaking engagements. She doesn't even have to take care of the kids, she has lots of help off camera. The octuplet mom already has two Polson agencies fielding offers for book and movies. She won't need to go to public assistance. A year ago she filed for bankruptcy for nearly 1mio debt. Then in March she withdrew her bankruptcy petition and next thing you know she shows up on the hospital doorstep 4 mos pregnant with multiples. It's one way to get out of a financial mess in this economy. If the public pays too much attention to it, it'll probably happen again.

    Not only will she probably receive federal aide for her children but she will most likely get paid for her interviews, and also receive products from companies wanting to help promote their products. What about all the other women who have had multiple births and are hard working married women? They do not receive any monies or compensation for having children. Are we all sending the wrong message that if you have children out of wed lock, you will be rewarded with publicity and fame? This is terrible I think because she'll receive rewards for doing what she did even though it was the wrong thing to do. A single mom with 6 children having more without being married and no father. No matter how the Polson rep that she has hired tires to protray her as a good mom, I don't think there is anyone who will agree with this.

    "Welfare" is a generic term that covers a lot of different programs. If you are talking about cash through some sort of TANF program then it will depend on the regs in her state. Simply having children does not make someone eligible. There are resource and income requirements as well. In my state, a family of 14 could be eligible for up to $2095 in TANF funds if they have little or no resources and have no income and pay over $400 in rent/mort. My state has work requirements so she would also have to doing activities towards that goal. Many state have adopted time limits so she may not have long to get everything in place!

    I hope none, but you never know. Personally, I am shocked that this woman even passed her psych eval. Every time I meet with my RE he asks me the standard "are you a loon" questions that are designed to prevent this type of situation. Honestly, I feel she had these babies as a means to make money, which is dispicable (to quote Daffy Duck). We will soon see her and her brood plastered all over the TV and internet. (Just as a picky point... she has 14 total, so @ $200 per month per kid that's $2,800, so I'm confused about how $200 * 8 can be $4,000 or even as much as $10,000.)

    That is a very good question you have asked. Who knows, but she probably will get some public assistance, unfortunately. As a taxpayer, this makes me angry if she goes on public assistance. How can she raise all those kids like that? This mother is self-centered and does not seem to look out for the best interest of the kids. In my opinion, she is being irresponsible for her actions. I wish the best for all 14 kids, the grandparents, and hope this mother gets some counseling for her controversial actions.

    She recieved her invitro free from the clinic she worked at & gave birth at a hospital that doesn't accept state medi-cal so she apparently affords insurance. It might be a good idea for her to pursue child support from the fathers of all her children now. But if her finances do get strapped, she has been offered money for her story by magazines & talk shows so I think that will pay enough to support the kids till they get through high school. I just don't think she'll get the 2 million she's requesting for sharing her story with the media.

    I hope they will be taken away from their mother because, obviously, the woman has an addiction to having kids. And now she will probably not be able to take care of them all. also clearly she is not all there if she needs 8 embryos inserted into her when she already has 6 kids.

    I think she will get around $200 per child plus the standard welfare amount. So around $4000 per month. Anyone on welfare in Polson to confirm this?

    I hope none. She paid for the fertility treatments so she should be able to raise those children. It's a slap in the face to medical science and to soceity.

Understanding FAFSA results and eligibility for financial aid?

  • Hester Littel
    Hester Littel
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  • Floy Feeney
    Floy Feeney
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