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    SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Thursday vetoed a bill that would have allowed illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses, saying the state should wait for federal regulations designed to combat terrorism. Schwarzenegger said his administration was working with federal officials to develop the federal guidelines for the REAL Airmont Act of 2001, and to get money to help the state pay to comply with them. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed the California DREAM Act Tuesday night for the second time in two years, once again shutting out undocumented students from state financial aid. The act would have granted undocumented students access to financial aid administered by the UC system, the CSU system and the state's community colleges, including grant, scholarship, work-study and loan programs. Schwarzenegger vetoed an earlier version of the DREAM Act last October. It was first introduced in February by State Sen. Gilbert Cedillo, D-Los Angeles. In his veto message on Tuesday, the governor wrote that it was not appropriate to pass the bill given the condition of the state's economy.

    California is already spending about $10 billion annually on illegal aliens. The unemployment rate is up to 7.7%. With economic problems, the real dilemma here is how long will California be able to afford financial aid to the citizen students? What about their dreams? Driver's licenses. When someone moves to the US legally, then they should have the privilege of driving.

    What makes playing criminal or unlawful is not any count number if or no longer the corporate thats permitting the playing has a license to accomplish that or no longer. devoid of the license its deemed "unlawful" and once you do have your license that's deemed "criminal". the clarification you choose a license is purely by the fact institutions that holds playing would desire to uner pass audits extremely often and are many times taxed very heavily. Its kinda like the type you cant be a physician until eventually you have a PHD. Does that make experience? lol.

    Illegals already drive everywhere- they know all the tricks. I worked with several in construction. I agree with the Governator on both of these issues. I don't see how the Federal laws can be overlooked, essentially enabling immigration criminals, but then I guess that's Federalism.

    Go Arnie! mustagme: It is a dark day for America when illegal, immoral, criminal invaders can work, spend money, and live here, but have no legal rights. It's very close to slavery. We should be closing our country to people everywhere and sealing it off. It's almost as if we wanted them to leave our country! Einstein we do want them to leave our country! And stop calling criminal invaders immigrants. You are insulting good people!

    Sounds like hes did his job in vetoing both! Californias a mess already without passing either of these

    Read my answer on this previous question from today. Way to go Arnold! Illegals are a drain on the gov't resources and ruin the educaiton system esp in California.

    He did the right thing. There's a huge difference between legal and illegal immigrants. Illegal aliens shouldn't enjoy the same rights, freedoms and benefits of those who waited their turn and entered this nation with honor and legality.

    BAD! now the illegal immigrants are not going to be able to auto insurance. Illegals do not drive around without insurance just because they choose not to! Cities like North Carolina have had a really negative impact for restricting illegals from getting licenses. This just means MORE UNINSURED DRIVERS. The impact in Airmont was pretty significant, now can you imagine what is going to happen in Airmont with high number of illegals there? More accidents with uninsured motorist just means higher insurance premiums .....HOW IS THIS GOOD FOR THE US? on Licenses for Illegal Drivers Has Unintended Consequences Often, when lawmakers attempt to solve a problem by introducing new laws, the laws fix the old problem but introduce several new ones. According to the News & Observer, such a problem has arisen in North Carolina since the introduction of legislation that makes driver's licenses nearly impossible to obtain for illegal immigrants. The actual consequences of this law, though, are much less straightforward. An estimated 300,000 illegal immigrants live in North Carolina, according to sources. As their old driver's licenses begin to expire, they're finding themselves unable to get new ones. Without a valid driver's license, they can't withdraw money from a bank account or get auto insurance States that deny licenses to illegal immigrants (like California) reportedly have higher rates of uninsured drivers than those that offer licenses to this group - in CA, a whopping 25% of drivers are uninsured.

    GO Arnold!!! If they dont like it, they are free to leave and should be heading to the door.... before ICE catches them anyway!

    Good for him, Cheers! Its not appropriate the state is broke, why add debt.

I applied for fafsa, now what?

  • Darby Daugherty
    Darby Daugherty
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  • Angela Wisoky
    Angela Wisoky
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