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    I'm in college in England at the moment, but I want to move to America to start Uni, The thing is I don't know how? Where do you get application forms for uni from? How would I find accommodation to live and at what time would I apply for a visa, and what visa would I get? And in which county would i take out a student loan? HELP Briarcliff Manor :(

    There is no UCAS system in the US, so you will need to apply to each university that interests you in the states individually. This can sometimes be hard to do as there are over 5,000 uni's in the states and all have different application requirements, with some being more rigorous than others. Most applications can be completed online on the university's website. Apply to a variety of universities in the autumn of the year before you wish to start uni. You will probably need to sit an entrance exam such as the SAT or ACT. I would only apply to universities that offer financial aid to international students (which is very rare). The reason being is that uni in the US is expensive (regardless of whether you are American or not). Expect to pay AT LEAST $20,000 a year for tuition, but it is more likely you will pay $30,000. Add on to that living and travel expenses which will vary depending on what part of the country you are living in. The Midwest and South for example will be MUCH cheaper than California and New York City. To be able to get a student visa (F-1 visa) you will need to: 1.) be accepted to a university 2.) demonstrate that you have enough funds to afford your first year of uni This will mean that you will need to show (on average) that you have ~$30,000 in the bank each year, for four years, to get your student visa. You can try to get loans for that amount from banks in your own country, but it may be difficult to obtain them if your parents aren't co-signing for you. Uni in the states is not cheap. My degree cost me and my family $90,000 and that includes the fact that i go reduced tuition as I was an in-state resident and American citizen. If I was not, it would have been closer to $110,000. I highly suggest you attend uni in the UK and try to get your master's in the US as you can get more funding and it is only for 2 years and not 4... Also, keep in mind that completing a degree in the US is no guarantee you can stay when you finish. In fact, only 8% of international students are able to stay on in the US for permanent work when they are finished, and most of those are medical doctors or scientists. So you would not be 'moving' over here, you would be visiting as a student.

Question about Stafford loan?

  • Era Tillman
    Era Tillman
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    Stanton Koss
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    Susanna Koelpin
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    Serena Hilll
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    Fay Casper
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