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    Alright, here's a little scenario. If I enroll into classes online IN-STATE for up to ONE YEAR in advance then move OUT OF STATE, will I still be eligible for those credits? And will my Brockport STATE in the new state begin when I move?? I'm over 24 years old, I have financial independance, and I DO NOT require student loans. My school is paid for out of my own pocket. Further, I'm not moving for school purposes but I AM going to continue my education in a new state. Thanks for you help!

    Since you are over 24 you can become a resident of the state. However, you cannot go to school while you establish your residency. You need to work, get a license, vote and pay taxes usually for a full year. If you go to school you will not be an in state resident. Some states are stricter on residency requirements than others. In my state of California they are very strict. If you are going to move somewhere that few people want to move to for school, they will be more lenient.

Bad grades and federal direct loan?

  • Malcolm Herzog
    Malcolm Herzog
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  • Itzel Nader
    Itzel Nader
    1. if you experience too well credit, she 's all right to the private enterprises high school loan. she 's never is looking for fafsa, but he 'il rests with her parents' , claims and el tax return. two to keep track independent, consideration must married, have a baby (dependent), equivalent to active participants to promote military. otherwise, 'll be amount to a submitted by young people or even the era of the 24. 3. no, that ought no consequences in her each student status. 4. no
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    Aurelie Eichmann
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