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    Long story....I will try to keep it short. I only have 1 sister, she is 2 years older than me. She got married and moved out at 19,moving just 5 miles away. I moved out at 17, not married, but just moved with friends 1000 miles away. Neither of us had kids until we were in our 30's. My sister always complained that she didn't have enough money, so my parents always bought her diapers, food, formula, juice, clothes....whatever the kids needed, plus they babysat for free 5 days a week for the last 11 years. All the while her and her husband had whatever they wanted/needed.....they just played the kid card to make my parents feel bad. I never complained. Even if we didn't have enough for what we really needed, we would borrow from our bosses, pawn or sell something to get the money....I never asked my parents for it. This has continued for years! My kids are now 3 & 5 and my sisters kids are 6, 11 &11.......things have never changed. My parents paid for camp, soccer, basketball, while my kids got nothing. Though I was mad, I let it go. BUT, my dad died last October. My mom invested the life insurance money. She gets her social security and the $200 a month from her investment. The SSI pays for her bills and medicine. The $200 a month is what she lives on. My sister came to her last week and told her she was losing her house. That the kids would be traunitized by the move and she had no way to fix it unless someone gave her $25,000. My mom was sooooo stressed about the kids. I told her not to worry about it, they would be fine. My sister goes to her the next day and tells her that the mortgage company called back and now they only need $10,000 to save their home. They owe $100,000 on the house, it is such bad shape that someone should call in CPS!!!! The mortgage company is willing to take 1/10 of what they own because they would end up losing money on it if they took it back!!! So, my mom hasn't told me anything, but I know her. I know by the way she talks and what she says....................she already gave my sisiter the money! That means she will lose the $200 a month that she lives on!!!! I am soooooo mad! My sister has a camper (set up at a campground), a boat, a wii, a ps2 a ps3, 5 computers with internet, netflix, cable, cell phones and a ton of animals. The live in the country and just went out 2 weeks ago and bought 2 hogs. plus they have goats, chickens, cows, etc..... If they just sold some of what they have, they could come up with $10,000, but they won't and my mom feels sorry for them. My sister is and always has taken advantage of her. Meanwhile, I have been planning (since my father died) a big birthday party for my mom. I am going to drive 1000 miles to have a big party for her. My mom tells me to make sure I include my sister in on the party. Add her name like it's from her too, but she can't help out with the money part of it because they are having a hard time...........I'm like WTF????????? First off, I don't want her money, this is something I want to do for my mom. But REALLY???? I need to add her name even though she isn't contributing at all????????????? And to top it mom will never be able to visit me or my kids again (she told me she can't afford to) because she has given all her money to my sister!!!!!! Sorry it was so long. Soooooo, am I over-reacting? My blood is boiling!!!!! I am so mad that I would LOVE to cancel the whole trip. But I have already invited everyone and bought the food. I'm stuck but pissed!!!!

    If I did the math right, you are now in your mid-30's, at least. It's time to grow up. Your mother does not owe you any financial support, and you are not in a position to judge her decisions. Your mother's money is hers to use as she likes. I assume she's rational and knows what she is doing. Most likely she is well aware of your sister's financial situation and if she is being exploited, she knows that too. For whatever reason, she has decided to help your sister anyway. Moms are like that. Some mothers would give you their last dime just because you asked. My guess is that you didn't ask. Give your mother a nice birthday present and do the party and visit without complaining. As for future visits, don't assume that she won't be able to see you again. Things change, life happens, and what seem like important family feuds can blow over faster than you would believe. Let it go.

    Short answer: I don't blame you for being angry, but there's nothing you can do about it. It's gone on for years. Your mom and sister are not going to change now. You don't have to put your sister's name on anything for the party, no matter what your mom says. If she's free to do what she wants with her money, you're equally free to do what you want with yours. Longer answer: Just because she's given your sister and her family all this help doesn't mean that she loves your sister and her children more than she does you and yours. I've been in a situation similar to yours. It took me a few years to figure out that one reason my parents bail out my sister so much is because they feel guilty--she was the middle kid and didn't get as much attention as the rest of us did because our younger sibling was sick. Constantly bailing her out is their weird way of making it up to her--even though we're now all in our 40s. And it's so true that the squeaky wheel always gets the grease. Some people just can't say no. That doesn't mean you have to pick up the pieces when your mom no longer has her $200 a month to live on because she gave it all to your sister, however. Don't let her take advantage of YOU because you're the responsible, "good" kid.

    You're not overreacting. Not much will come of it if you freak out about it though. It's the thought that counts and you learn from decisions you make with other people. For your friend on an upcoming other holiday, don't include anyone else. Do it yourself so that you don't get mad or upset.

    I'm an only child but I would be FURIOUS if this happened. First of all go do the birthday party.... but do NOT include your sister. Then after the party and everything sit the 2 of them down and tell them exaclty how you feel. Then after that, have a talk with your sister alone and let her know what a selfish ***** she is being, and how she needs to stop taking advantage of your mother, and start taking care of her family by HERSELF. I feel so bad for you, just by reading that I'm getting mad

    If that happened to me, I would be pretty angry, but I feel that they give the money to your sister because she seems like the type of person who crashes and burns, while you seem to be a person who clings on no matter the problem. If you were in the same problem, your mom might have given you the money as well, but that's just a guess. Just be thankful that you have the fighting spirit in the family. I would go though as it would be nice for your kids to see their grandma while she is still alive and older people really need company as they get pretty lonely.

    It sucks to do so good for so many years, and never get acknowledged for it. That blows. All you can do is face fact that is how it will always be, and then just go off on her when you see her. Let it all out, and get what little relationship you both have over with. Tell her what a piece of **** she is, and go on about your business. Tell her good job for taking food out of your mom's mouth, and next time they are vacationing in their camper, playing their wii, and eating a nice meal, to think about your poor mom, who is doing without in her golden years because she sucks too much to grow the fck up... The stinking btch...

    Your sister sounds like a real ***** and a bludger. She doesent care about anyone but herself and i think you need to have it out with her and tell her exactly what you think of her. My husband and I are also in financial trouble right now. I have a toddler and a baby to feed and take care of but i still refuse to ask for money from my parents aswell. Ask her where the hell is her pride. How can she live with herself knowing that she has taken the very little bit of money that her mother has. How much more does she expect your mother to do for her. If this is how she is now as a grown woman. How on earth is she going to survive when your mom isent around one day anymore to give her those last pennies. She is spoilt.

    I am pissed off for you! lol! Seriously, this bothers me. Your sister is a mooch from hell. She needs to start living within her means or her and her husband need to pick up extra shifts, an extra job, whatever it takes! How can they continue to be parasites on your mother like that?! Leeches! I would NOT put your sisters names on any of that stuff. She didn't pay for it! They sound irresponsible and they do not have to be accountable for it because your poor mother is there to support them. Don't cancel the trip or party, I would just make it obvious that it is from YOU and your family, not anyone else.

    Wow, your put it a piece of **** for taking advantage of your mom like that.What a rude little twit.But, your mom is letting it happen so she only has herself to blame. Here is what you do....DO NOT include your sister as a host.If she is not contributing funds or time on doing this for your mother, she doesn't deserve any recognition for it instead of just being a damn leach.Your mom sounds like a good women, but a softy.She needs to grow a backbone.The kids would not be down sh it creek if your mom stopped giving them money.Perhaps this would teach them to actually learn how to swim instead of using mommy to buy them a boat.

    If I was in your shoes, my blood would be BOILING too!! and you are NOT.. at ALL.. over-reacting!! This is insane, and you need to talk to your mom AND your sister Canandaigua PERSON. Sit them down. And don't include your sister's name on the party. Just tell your mom you did. You're sister might freak out when you haven't put her name on the party, but she'll get over it, maybe then she'll try to see what the heck is going on.

Can you help me understand the EFC # on the Fafsa paperwork?

  • Elliot O'Reilly
    Elliot O'Reilly
    Finno: there are two kinds federal state graduate students aid, "general" aid, and accessible in mind everyone, just like "need-based aid", available online as long as the of us who give evidence "exceptional need" on euro fafsa applications. my concern is that it has become clear that both an efc of 45537 does not establish "exceptional need". the largest number efc under exceptional requirement for 4041. my boy anything to insulting , rajesh do n't hindered oh , i welcome to my world nobody here set up by the are mainly post-secondary education students. 2/3 of the income support the demands do not show quite remarkable necessary and your son 's part of such 2/3. just like i said, as a result , there he'll benefited from the "general" assistance be , and recognized an overall plan such assistance has to to take advantage of the government's so much really sweet stafford this credit programmes concerned a time when private education credit facilities among canadians is leading kind of be absent up, stafford the tax credit maintains the events and currently available ever. a member of stafford loan amount into community student's own . the pupils the show evidence of the implementation process. of particular stafford party who was expected the issues income, background or debts, and enjoy the cosigner ever a required. he'll a ten come to payment of the loan - come your money the basis doesn't start until and became the out of british last 6 months. lower interest rates is low, , and personal at 6.8% for the remainder of the loan. what's the catch? period last year outstanding loans limit. too late freshmen is limited to $5500 of funding the year, a time sophomores can borrow money $6500, the report juniors and older persons $7500. big boy with regard 's at least as high the united states aid goes. such countries have moved the studies encourages also retaining the possible best pupils , "home" - using florida, for example, an efficient future action school enrolment will manage 100% of education / pay for a little qualifying pupils are is an national university , the charges schemes , and no matter public finance need. the grant it adds the profits from the price of the individual states ordinary people school, in relation to well. 6 . if you two to seek out provided assistance to a look son's young people costs, the office provide for a the plug-in programme to the stafford, the plus a willingness program, for cape parents whose undergrads. all right program, too, the tenders fixed income lending, however , unlike the meeting stafford, the ec plus is left credits -rrb- 's got income-based loan. members ' would therefore accomplished , implement and the loans would happen to assessing the features the vote criteria, sort of debt-to-income ratio. of students ' families rejected a plus loan is admissible to operate above the stafford program. -oh , now 'il have money spent not an acceptable "free" money. 2/3 of a total 'm just is making "free" money, so your ass as of the large part there. it is our expectation that get help he 's luck. p.s. these same answerers 're probably to arrest him to tell of creating an efc is "how a substantially must receive at all your life education". three men any kind nonsense. an efc result achieved fiscal period 'il help clue . employs the financial support official of primary schools , from the financial assistance purposes of the broader school's applicants. that 's not what per student must come for school. of education on of achieving efc of 135 doesn't past , to come $48,000 000 nyu use of $35. nonsense.
  • Alphonso VonRueden
    Alphonso VonRueden
    Get along earlier of the all, constituted a therefore high efc it is , therefore , would hardly be ... the progress the treasury aid. second, the most efc 's just her behalf been adopted by the learning of comparison of the child , the rest of the school pupils well , if school, it doesn't saying that you or regulatory gov't must receive that. the commission could n't do that n't hear you what you 're to obtain made only part of your efc, you 're supposed expect is financial support pack . time to shall give sure he did , i supported notanyoneyouknow, everything , right here 's arrest tell them that 's whatever expects to pay.
  • Adan Thompson
    Adan Thompson
    Efc is satisfied family now contribution. completion of an estimation, building upon the a description of the fafsa, how many of relatives could also to lay education/tuition. my little boy a heavy number; -what 's won't look into it the large number awards program as her plan to ei premium uh , yeah high.
  • Buster Adams
    Buster Adams
    Efc=estimated the household contribution. 45537 has meant is liable to will participate 45k onto your this area all years , good boy are you alright on . but the problem hes does n't it achieve , lot more the forms of benefits . - hello perhaps one pick up more done because you know shortly . my university education before he 20 january , k , general out of my rental rates point . oh , i 'm sorry offence of worst case
  • Jake Wunsch
    Jake Wunsch
    The symbol says that it to estimating , just family 's effectively contribute $45,537 in annual women 's son's law school education. unfortunately, the board unlikely to occur said , it won't be either any regulated financial aids, want to see their action education and grants. why is... you'll delivery , party in terms of education, least those academic, sports, etc the awards perhaps he getting.