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    Im doing this research paper for my high school senior project about illegals in the us. I keep getting conflicting answers online. Pls help this project os worth a lot. I saw some classmates looking very uncombfortable. HOW DO THEY GET PAID WITHOUT GETTING CAUGHT? Hiw do they open bank accounts and get housing leases ? How do they get car or house loans? How do they obtain social security or state ids? The teacher says we can talk to illegals in person, but i find it very rude.

    Shift your research to the state of California. The reason this state hosts an inequitable number of illegals is because of its sanctuary policies that not only tolerate but celebrate them. In this state it's illegal to deny someone a job or apartment based on their lack of immigration status and in the city of L.A. the D.A.'s office has a policy of undercharging felonies if they might lead to ICE involvement. The state also doesn't cooperate with the federal government on immigration matters. This is not only how illegals live comfortably in the US but the reason one state is disproportionately impacted by the crisis. California isn't alone in this regard. Laws are meaningless unless someone is willing to enforce them.

    Generally illegals remain within their ethnic community supporting one another. Those with greencards help protect the others. They are paid cash often doing high risk jobs with no insurance. Where I live they have certain street corners where they wait for work for the landscapers who give them a per diem of $140. The police do not bother them. They do not open bank accounts. Either their money is under the mattress or it is sent home via Western Union. El Salvador has entire communities where the families are utterly dependent on this income as there is no local work, Without it they would starve. They live in houses where the landlord is not fussed about papers, no leases and they pay cash for their rent. Most have no cooking facilities so they live on a diet of pizza and deli sandwiches. No loans, no social security and no state Chestnut Ridge where I live.

    They get paid under the table in cash. They live on the fringes of society, often with those who don't mind renting equally illegally. Anything tied to taxation or formal loans is out. Some states will offer them IDs and driver's licenses, others don't. Most of their money is being shipped home.

    They get paid in cash. They don't have leases. Just an understanding with a landlord who will take the rent in cash. And not declare the income. They don't get loans. They pay cash. They drive without licenses. They don't get state IDs or social security cards. All of this is very illegal. And they don't need bank accounts to do ant of this.

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