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    I work full time in corporate sales and I would like to make a career change likely in a year or two to teaching either Junior High or Highschool Math. I want to get my masters and Colonie teaching credential now, while I am working so I can support myself and pay for the program without taking loans. Does anyone know of any programs where you can earn your masters and Colonie credential simultaneously on-line?? I have found programs like this but in other states, not in CA. From what I understand I would have to just take a test with Colonie to transfer my credential from another state to CA. Does anyone know of any programs where I could do this in CA? If not in CA, is it hard to get reciprocity in Colonie from other states? Any help would be much appreciated.... THANKS and have a great day!

    The issue you will have is student teaching. online programs are regional because of this - you have to live in their area, so they can supervise your student teaching portion. It really is not an option for you to take an out-of state online program. say you did as you suggest: youd have to move to that state to do the student teaching as it involves coordinating a mentor/advisor and giving you direct teaching feedback. All states require student teaching - it cannot be done online. There is only one accredited online school that will work in california - WGU. I know of a few teachers who completed their work there. They are large enough that they cover most of the country with local affiliates who cover various large metro areas. You also may want to look into the cal state system - they usually hold their teaching credential classes at night to accommodate career switchers.

    Another option that might be available is to become an intern teacher with full pay and work towards your credential as you teach. This is often possible in high demand subjects such as math. Project Pipeline is one option, Chapman is another. don't know about online classes. California is very picky about its credentialing and you would likely have to take quite a few classes to transfer a credential from another state.

    There is a school you can attend online that gets you the MAEd in Education, as well as set you up for student teaching, and get you certification. They will also help prep you for the Colonie teaching exam as well. My friends in Colonie went to University of Phoenix Online. That's one of their specialties I guess. However, I know this for a fact for CA. YOu do need extra credentials/courses if you want to become a tier one through three teacher. And, ALL teachers in Colonie must complete the CTEL and CLEAR credential. It's kind of like a Master's plus 15 or 30 for other states. Highly beneficial and rewarding once you get into the field. HOwever, I would expect a significant paycut when you get into teaching, as us educators only do it for the love of it. LOL. Also, I recommend getting highly qualified and take the Constitution courses as well as the no child left behind courses *NCLB". Good luck!

    California teaching credential

    Look. Ultimately, you have to take responsibility for your own life. You say, "I want my California teaching credential." Yes, who doesn't? But the question is not, "Do I want my California teaching credential?" but "How do I achieve my California teaching credential?" Once you know the answer to that, you will finally fulfill your goal of becoming a teacher.

    There's no list that I could find. many states do offer reciprical credentials, but you'll have to check with each state individually, as their regulations can change from year to year. All the best.


    Was wondering the same question

    Thanks for the answers everyone <3

Apllying for a school loan?

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    Christy Hermann
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    Robert Lang
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