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    I ask this question because i had dropped out of college many years ago because i had bad grades due to a certain addiction i had at the time that prevented me from doing well in school. I have worked for many years and saved enough money to go back to college but i found out that my grades and lack of units are not transferable to any public university. My only alternative now is to attend an online college instead and start out fresh. I heard that many online colleges accept anybody but they still need you to apply. If this is the case, will i have to submit my college transcripts to them or do they just want my background information and for me to pay them up front. I'm considering National University and Ashford University

    Ashford Scam: Scam: They accept anybody with money or willing to take out loans. The truth is that there is NO school for profit/non-private college that benefits the individual. My two friends have been royally screwed over by these diploma mills, here are the facts. A.You will end up in debt and learn nothing B.No job will hire you based on a BA/MA degree from one of these colleges C.Not all teachers have graduate degree. I had a job offer ONLY because I had my ABO and Corning Opticians License. D.Save yourself time and money and go to a trade school or a community college.

    Why can't you return to a traditional college? You are very welcome to attend a community college. In fact, a cc may be your best option, because it's appropriately accredited, it's reputable, and it's your least expensive option. What is your purpose for going to college now? Is it for career reasons? If so, then know that a lot of employers really dislike the for-profit, "as seen on tv" colleges such as those you're looking at. If you must do this online, instead look at the many online degrees offered by reputable, brick and mortar colleges. Again, first start with the community colleges in your home state. Many offer online degrees. If they don't offer what you need, then look at the online degrees offered by UMass Amherst, Northeastern U, Florida State, Drexel, Southern New Hampshire U, Tiffin U, Utica College, U Denver, Regis University, and many others. You will need to submit your old transcripts to any new school you apply to. A cc won't deny you admissions due to your past bad grades. In fact, because years have passed, you've obviously since had a successful life, and you seem to have overcome that addiction, I'd dare say that many universities would be willing to give you a shot. You'd need to explain what happened back then, what you learned from it, how you overcame it, and why you're now ready for college - but I don't think that will be a problem for you.

    Both NU and Ashford will run your social security number in a national database for any schools that you have previously attended or even applied to for that matter. You will either need to request for transcripts or have that school's registrar send them a letter stating that you never attended or whatever the case may be. All transfer students need to have a 2.0 or above to be admitted to either school. If you do not, you will be placed on academic probation and given 1 semester to bring your GPA up. I don't think these schools are bad at all. I've attended both and have had good instructors in both schools. They are online schools, so take it for what you will, but it won't make up for traditional classes or an ivy league education. Just like public schools, you get what you put into it. I went to a public school on a small little island and turned out just fine :) Yes, they may be expensive, but you have to pay for convenience and the fact that they are accelerated courses. Good luck! Have a good day...

    Online colleges do not accept anybody. Applicants must have money in their bank accounts or be able top qualify for a loan. After that, anybody. Best of all, many don't even require that you learn anything to graduate. Edit:California State University offers respected on-line degrees.

    Yes. And, even if they couldn't, they'd want to know what you were doing for that time, whether school or a job. BTW - You should know that going to college isn't going to ensure that you can be a journalist. That's a very tough field these days.

    No they don't. That's why they all exist and why people attend them. They also never look at past transcripts, we have them for no purpose.

Questions About Direct Loan Plus?

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    Estel Sauer
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