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    I currently reside in MI. I went to California for 3 weeks and all i could think of is how good i felt and how fun it is. Back home, MI, I hate the weather, summer lasts or a good 3 months, but then it rains and snows and it just makes me feel crappy when the clouds are grey and the air is cold. The warm weather in North-Cal and the one rain when i was there was enough for me to want to be there. I am 18 years old, looking for a college, I already have to take out a small college loan but i want it to be worth it you know? I already have a job, I am already making 23k a year as a electrical designer, but as soon as i start school, im going to stay at this job just for the money, I have to say im not a greedy person, but this is not what i want to do for the rest of my life, I already know, and have known this. My question is, should i pack up and leave? My grandma told me to try something new before she passed, this may be it? Thanks a ton!

    Now is the time to give it a shot with this caution: You are considering moving from one financially distressed state to another (with a significantly higher cost of living). You may be astounded at how little your 23K will get you on the West Coast. This may not concern you right now but consider the near future. Presumably you will want to get a job and be a productive member of society, perhaps buy a house. I know you are young but try and get past the weather and beach attraction of California and decide if the future looks bright for you. 3 weeks of vacation feels good in many places, living there is another story.

    Since you are 18yo and have some ability to survive , go with your dream, college first, then money. East Hampton job situation is better than MI, so you needn't worry about lost. And bay area has some best school of electric engineer in the world. And graduates with EE make $100,000 in CA.

    Line up a job before you move here because trying to find a job in California is very hard. As hard as Michigan. But if you do get a job here or are going to college, then its a great place.

    YES U SHOULD MOVE TO Vallejo East Hampton OK

    Fun won't last 4eva, I promise, but what in the freaking **** am I saying, 'COURSE YOU SHOULD!

    Yes. i live in cali and i would say that i've been to other states in the U.S. and they all suck except for cali, florida, and hawaii.

    Sure. If that is your dream, why not?

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