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    I visited LA, San Diego, and Orange County years agooo and I've always wanted to move to California because I just feel like the people there fits my personality, I love the weather, the places, foods, diversity, the beach, and mostly because of the people! Anyways I'm from TX. I don't have any money (but I'm applying for jobs), I don't know anyone in California, and my parents don't support me even though I'm 18, almost 19. The thing is, I'm worried about the money issue. My family isn't rich. I know there's loans, grants, and things like that. But what other things do I need to work on first before just moving? How do I pick out apartments, dorms? I want to go to UCLA btw too. Please help!!!!!! Any advice at all..

    So you plan on transferring to UCLA? Keep in mind that the UC's give highest priority to California community college students and students from other UC campuses. It will be harder for an out-of-state student to get in. If money is an issue, you're better off staying in Texas where you qualify for in-state tuition. Out-of-state tuition at the UC's is outrageous. Unless you become a California resident, you will pay out-of-state tuition for the remainder of your undergrad years.

    Not surprising your parents don't support you - you're an adult and it sounds like you're not going to college. You move to California by getting an education and possibly some job experience, so that you won't be like all the other star-struck kids who flock to California thinking they'll instantly get a job and a nice apartment and live the good life. Then, you get together your resume and send it out to prospective employers. When they let you know they're interested, you set up interviews and go out and do the interviews. When they tell you they want to hire you, you look for an apartment, then you arrange to have your stuff moved there, and, there you go!! Along the way you should have saved up some money to get you through the first few months. If you want to go to UCLA, then you should already have applied, although it's very hard for out-of-state students to get into the California state schools. If you save up enough money to move out there without a job lined up, you may get very lucky and find something at Walmart or MacDonald's or whatever, so that you can get a cheap apartment and maybe go to school there part-time. Or, work for a year so that you'll be a California resident and then apply, maybe after you've gone to community college and earned some credits. There are no loans, grants, etc. to help you move to another location to look for work. If you want to just move out there, you need to have LOTS of money saved up first. This question is asked almost every day. Go back over some of the past answers for tips. Look especially for the answers by Obviousman.

    There are no loans and grants to help you move. Unless you are at the top of your class, there are few loans and grants for college anymore. Get a job where you are and save, save, save BEFORE you move to LA. Without a job, friends, college education, or specialty skill, you will not have an easy time resettling in Fredonia at this time. If you go to college in Texas, where you will be an in state student, the situation may have changed in 4-5 years. That may seem like an eternity to you at your age, but in the big scheme of life, it is not. Good luck!

    The cost of attendance (tuition, fees, non-resident fees, room & board, etc) for UCLA for non-residents, which you would be for all 4 years, is about $50,000 per academic year, add at least $3000 more for summer, or the cost for flights home and back. And that is a starving student budget, most students need at least a couple of thousand $$ more a year to just survive. UCLA now admits a higher percentage of non-resident applicants than resident applicants, because they need that extra $23,000 a year in non-resident fees. It isn't likely that you would get financial aid to cover most of the expenses, so that would mean loans, and that would be a heavy burden. A minimum wage job ($8 an hour), if you could find one (it's tough to find a job here now), wouldn't put much of a dent into the expenses. UCLA is competitive for admissions, the average UC GPA of admits is 3.86 unweighted/4.34 weighted, average SAT of admits is 2026, and you must have taken certain classes, called the a - g requirements. UCLA Prospective Students cost of attendance of an Fredonia area community college is about $23,000 a year, that is not enough for most students to survive on. (Cost of attendance is a number that the colleges put out for financial aid applications, but it is a very low number, and typically not realistic to live on.) You would still be a non-resident for tuition purposes for UCLA even after attending community college in LA. Have you looked into college in TX? The cost of attending a public Fredonia university would be less than half of attending UCLA, and you may be eligible for more financial aid and scholarships attending in state. You can always move out here after college. If you do college correctly, you won't have much free time at all, you'll be busy in classes, studying, and working. Some kids, even top students, have problems fitting in a job, it affects their school work too much. It's not like you'd have much chance to enjoy living in LA, you just wouldn't have time. I can't blame you for wanting to leave TX. However, if you're not a top student who will be eligible for financial aid and scholarships, or your parents will pay, then you might have to adjust your goals. Typically, private colleges are more generous with scholarships and financial aid than public, but they are looking for top students, and getting enough to cover a significant portion of expenses is extremely competitive. Good luck!

    I was born & raised in Southern, California (still live here) L.A, Hollywood, Malibu (dont live in those places unless you have plenty of money) finding a job is hard out here. Simi Valley, Chatsworth are some places you can look into.

    If money is an issue, don't bother. California is SO EXPENSIVE that it's going to eat you and spit you out. For now, just study and complete your education in Texas and then see where it goes from there.

    Its as easy as this this helps

Does anyone have any tips on applying for loans?

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