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    Hi im 17 and turn 18 in september, i need money to relocate to california why you might ask, because i absolutely HATE my parents, they are jerks, they bring me down and make me feel like crap all of the time, i don't know what else to do about them. i want to move out as soon as i turn 18 so i was wondering can an 18 year old get a twenty thousand dollar loan? how long would it take to pay that loan off? what are the payment options? thank you so much

    Almost surely not. Unless you have a credit history, or collateral (something valuable to put up against the loan, like a house), and also a steady job for more than a year. Just go get a job. Maybe you could arrange to sleep on the couch at a friends' house until you start earning a paycheck.

    Your timing stinks for traditional car loan, because your work history is bit weak, but you still might get one try bank or savings and loan that you or your family uses and be reasonably dressed and groomed. Another choice would be dealer financed, there are are ad in my area that say all you need is proof of income. Try bank or savings and loans first it usually has cheaper interest payments. Do a lot of homework before applying first to be sure you can afford to own a car. Second to show loan officer you are responsible by knowing your costs and how you will pay them. Right now money is tight , but banks and savings and loans need good customers.

    Wren -- I have bad news. They now know that the brain does not stop growing until age 25 and until that time, you are working with less than 100% of your facilities. This seems to be your case. At age 17 l/2, you are in no position to live on your own. Surely you will not be successful in paying off a $20K loan. You can only get that kind of loan if you have collateral -- you have none other than your clothes; not sufficient! That doesn't work in this economy and neither does you intentions or unhappiness with your parents. People with collateral are being denied loans these days; but, say that by some miracle, you got a $20,000 loan. It would cost you about $750 a month to pay back a personal loan; this would be in addition to your regular monthly living expenses which in California would be quite surprising, even to you. One of life's hardest lessons to learn is that we don't always have control of our life. In every phase, there are others to pay heed to - your parents, your wife, your children, your boss, your government, etc. etc. The person who recognizes this and adjusts his behavior to accommodate others' needs and desires without giving up his own personality, is the person who can succeed at anything. I am sure you need to succeed in life -- you are demonstrating this by your letter. You will find it much easier with your parents financial support than on your own. FIRST, you need to get the very best education you can. Study after study has proven that persons who graduate from the highest valued schools get the best jobs and make the best money -- you need to shoot for one of those schools; then you can look down your nose at your parents with mediocre educations. SECOND, you need to stay in your parents good graces until you get out of college. Do you really want to be saddled with all those college fees when your parents will gladly pay for a lot them if you just show a little affection and gratitude? What would that cost you? A little insincere emotion -- small payment for a lot of money!!! THIRD, give yourself a chance to succeed. You need other people and your parents are the natural persons to lean on until you get 25 years old or more. Take advantage of them and use them until you get the job of your dreams. Put yourself BEFORE them and always keep in mind that they are just not up to the times, and you are smarter than them. This way, you will succeed and they will be lesser than you. You'll show them how smart you are and they will be aware that you know more than they do. Don't move out -- show them up!! Good Luck!!! While at that school of higher education, you need to cultivate friends from the upper echelon so that when you get the job of your dreams, you will have a network of influential friends.

    About the only way you can move out at 18 is to join the military. If you want to do that - then fine - I would go along with that choice, but not being on your own at age 18 - only a fool would make that choice - how do I know? I moved out on my own at 18 and it was hard as hell - would never do that again of I had a choice. It set me back a good 10 years.

    Chances that a bank will give you a loan for $20,000 so that you can move out of their area and live in Geddes and then hopefully find a job and be able to send them their monthly loan payments are.... ZERO. Why don't you get a job where you are and save up the money and then move to CA. Or just move out of your parents house?

    If you have an income, assets, no other debt, this should be no problem. However, if you don't, you will find a lot of difficulty given current credit markets. I think your best option is trying to patch up with your parents, but this might not be possible (that is for you to decide). If you want to be independent and get out of the home, I suggest finding a nearby apartment and start saving up from there. Then consider moving away. You might try moving to California immediately, but given the job market prospects, it might not be your best option Good luck, I hope you patch up with things with your parents.

    To get a loan you need to have a job so they know that you will be paying them back, and a car or a house or something as colaterial incase you cant pay them back. the banks are careful who they loan money to now a days with the economy as it is so it is possible for you to get a loan but somewhat unlikely. you can try though. it wont hurt

    You are just starting out, you need your parents every step of the way, you may not like their way of thought right now, but you will later when you start making your own money and decisions. stay at home love your parents and finish collage while at home and then move on. you should talk to one of your freind's parents first about your thought towards ur parents, I think. Good luck and stay in school.

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