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    Hello, So, im in college right now in upstate Hastings-on-Hudson and all my life ive been wanting to move to a warmer state. I am going to school to become a math teacher so i was thinking to moving to California because Hastings-on-Hudson and Hastings-on-Hudson are the highest paying teaching jobs. I really want to do this but I have no one in Hastings-on-Hudson to help me. I do not want to move to a bad neighborhood and i didn't want to move anywhere expensive because I wont have much money to start with since ill be having to pay back loans soon after. I want to move somewhere where i can start teaching ( a good place to teach) right away, so i was also wondering how the teaching jobs are out there. also if there is a place that isnt to pricey and is by a beach somewhere (even if the beach is like 20 min. away) that would be perfect

    I moved from upstate Hastings-on-Hudson (Albany) to San Diego 30 years ago and never regretted a minute of it. Right now California is in a budget crisis and many teaching jobs have been cut. My girlfriend works for the office of education and she tells me that so many teachers have been cut that there is no more room on the substitute teacher's list, which is usually how you break into the profession. Even with the present economic situation, I think you should follow your dream because this is such an awesome place to live. Your best bet to increase your chances is to become fluent in Spanish. Bilingual teachers are more in demand. Some inner city districts in L.A. have a hard time attracting anyone to work there. They have programs to help with housing and loan repayments. IMO THE ideal place for a young person to live is Pacific Beach in San Diego.

    You made me laugh, there isn't such a place as "not too pricy" in Southern California, let alone near the beach, that is ridiculous and you obviously have your head in the clouds. My aunt is a teacher and she knows so many lay offs going on it's ridiculous, there aren't any open teaching jobs right now (hell, there aren't any jobs period). I would not advise you to move until you have SOME kind of job lined up. I won't even suggest nice places to live because in this economy you don't have the luxury of picking where you go, your employment chooses that.

    You ought to recognise to opt for among San Francisco or San Diego. San Francisco is extra compact, at the same time San Diego is trendy. So that suggests a auto is integral for SD, now not such a lot SF. With additional study, you can discover available in the market's a huge change among the two towns, so opt for the culture you pick. I am saving your existence via telling you to not transfer to Los Angeles, that location is a sell off. You're welcome.

    You are a smart guy... You are from New York... You already know that your question, makes no sense... I want a high paying job, in a great neighborhood, near the beach, but I don't want it to be pricey... Of course this doesn't exist = the better the location, the more it costs.

    Florida! It's awesome! There's a beach and it's a great place for teaching.

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