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    So they get the 48,000 and get to resell the house worth at least $100,000. Plus the 10,000 in refinance charges. I can see the benefit to the banks to the foreclosure rather than just take month payments. Whats to prevent them from doing this to everyone it seems more beneficial to foreclose than take monthly payments.

    The gorillas at the bank get the equity. When I say gorilla I am referring to a group of rebels that ravage, rape, and steal from a village and not the animal. Essentially the foreclosures you are seeing today is just another way for the wealthy and super wealthy to take further advantage of the middle and lower class by taking their homes. This is actuallly a psychological technique used to make the middle and lower class people of a society feel like they are lesser people for not meeting obligations that they have agreed to. The idea is to inflate the housing market and economy for a period of time so that working class people feel good so that they buy beyond their means. The government plays a big role in this as it is their job to make sure that lenders have the capability to keep the market going until they decide to pull the plug. Eventually the government pulls the plug to reduce or eliminate lending. Then the lenders quickly pull back so they do not get bit when they almost inevitably get bit regardless. Suddenly home purchases slow to a crawl and new home contructions either stop or slow to a crawl. Suddenly work runs out or slows down for much of the working class. This cycle then begins a recession that allows the wealthy and government to pull back on what it was lending. The government now wants payment for credit, lenders now want payment for credit, and the wealthy now look like super heros because they jump in and buy up all of the real estate at a significantly diminished rate. The wealthy will now use the forclosed real estate to rent, redevelop or sell at a later date. Now psychologically the lower and middle class feel as though they did something wrong so they do not speak up. Much of the upper middle class believe in this system and defend it because they believe that they are integral to the system. These people fight tirelessly to keep the system in place as they feel that this is what they want or need but not really knowing for sure. The banks use your equity as a small cushion to ease any losses they may have incurred. The wealthy now feel like saviors and feel it is now their job to revive the economy. When coming back from a trip on a plane I sat next to two wealthy business men. I couldn't help but over hear their conversation as we were in flight. One of the men held a financial news paper and started to talk about the state of the economy and the housing market. He told his friend that he couldn't be happier about the current state of the economy and the housing market. He actually said "this is like christmas for me, I just travel to hotspots all over the country and buy up as many foreclosed houses as I can get my hands on." He then went on to say that he rents the house until the market comes back and then resells it at a huge profit. Essentially your loss is his gain. Maybe if you are lucky you can buy it back from him in 7 or so years when your credit bounces back and if he is gracious enough to sell it to you at a price you will be able to afford. Unfortunately odds are not in your favor and buy then he will be living in one of his mansions in California or Hawaii.

    You signed an agreement with the lender that you would make the scheduled payments on time and in full. You didn't do that. The bank, when it forecloses has legal documents to file and costs that go along with it. They also rarely get their money back on the property, and often times end up selling the properties for 75-80 cents on the dollar to get them off their books. Holding dead properties is a liability for a bank and they make no money as long it remains on their books. Not only is it unprofitable for the bank, it makes it more difficult for others to get loans and drives up the cost of obtaining one.

    You get the equity. Do the math 100,000 house mortgage, and 2nd mortgage, etc 40,000 your down payment and equity from payment _______ 60,000 you owe Liberty You miss payments Get kicked to the curb Bank repos the house. Bank sells house to a "good buddy" for $40,000 YOU still owe the bank $20,000 NOW if the bank isn't a theif (Ya like THAT will ever happen) and sell your house for $120,000 you get a check for $60,000 At least that's the way it should work Expect to owe the bank after the sale.

    If the financial institution sells your residence for greater than you owe at the loan plus their fees (which might be alot) you're entitled to the change, in ultra-modern marketplace I would not anticipate to peer that. Just be mindful within the first few years of a 20/30 yr loan the bulk is going to curiosity with little or no paying down the fundamental. You can also be dependable for the shortfall must the financial institution promote the estate for lower than you owe. Taxes are by no means refundable, they pass to town you have been dwelling in.

    I don't really know. I wish I could help. I will be watching to see the answer also. I would think you'd get something! I guess that since you still owe, the equity is eaten up by that. It's not like selling it outright to another person. It is always best to try to SELL your house before it's foreclosed on.

    In the purchase of a home. All the "interest" gets paid off first. Then, you start paying in the principle, where you "start" to build on your equity. If your foreclosed home, sells for less than the principle, that is still owed. They may come looking for you to pay off the "balance."

    The lender gets the equity, if there is any. It depends on the market if the house is now less than what you paid for it, there is no equity at all.

    When a home is foreclosed, it is sold at auction. Any funds in excess of your mortgage, (including accrued interest and any penalties and bank legal costs) is rightfully yours.

    The bank kept it for the money they had to spend to sell it. You loose it if you foreclose.

    That's 98k in mortgage altogether, and given the prpensity of lenders to lend subprime, it's caused prices to fall therefore you'll have been in negative equity. assuming i understand your question correcty

Applied for an unemployment loan of only 200.00. i get direct deposit of benifits, all the sites want to know?

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    Madilyn DuBuque
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