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    I work for a nation wide lender. We have many homes in southern cal. You can email me and I will send you what we have. Our list updates every two weeks. You can also look directly on the HUD web site. ( the list my company has is free no strings attached.)

    Check with your local title company or your local county office. They should be able to help you located houses that are going into foreclosure. These types of properties are usually referred to as "Pre-Foreclosure Properties." If you are looking for real estate that is already owned by a bank that has foreclosed on the property. This web site may help. Thomas Rushing Golden Lily Properties "We Buy Houses" (866) 800-1002

    Call the various banks in your area and ask for the REO department. Many might not know what you are talking about so ask for the number to the main branch. REO stands for Real Estate Owned. Banks are not in the business of real estate and homes they've foreclosed on look very bad on their books. With foreclosures being so high, you should be able to find plenty. Often times, you can get the home for less than the bank is's that important to them to get them off the books. Go to the bookstore and look for books on "Short Sales"...that should help a lot or please use my A-store.

    In Ca, while a house is going into foreclosures and is taken returned by potential of the financial employer, while you're a tenant they might desire to furnish you/ submit a 60 day be conscious to go, and in case you do no longer circulate on the top of 60 days, they might document unlawful detainer (eviction) against you to regain possession of the valuables. changing the locks isn't a legal element to do and you ought to touch the police if this occurs returned. The police will coach the only doing the violation of the right rules. as quickly as you get the 60 day be conscious, you will be able to desire to go through fact the clock starts ticking. till then, shop a replica of your lease available for the subsequent time they attempt to alter the locks. Are you optimistic its a financial employer Rep doing this? maximum banks recognize the guidelines and abide by potential of them. Did you get a 60 day be conscious and not vacate interior the time cut back? Regardless, an unlawful detainer via the courtroom is the right way for them to take the valuables returned.

    The very fact that you do not know were to find this information shows that the market is not an open fare and fully disclosed housing market. These banks are shorting the market thus make or trying to drive up prices. Duh this is how the bubble was. Since you live in So Cal get and stay out of debit and save. All so check out this web site and you start to understand the market. Best of luck.

    Hi Patricia, contact me and I'll help you out. I mostly deal with pre-foreclosures, but I can help you locate and buy bank owned property for free because I get paid by the bank's agent. Regards

    Try your local court house and newspaper. They have forclosure notices in them. The court house has to offer up estate and other property on the court house steps. It's just up to you to do the home work and find out when this events happens. Of course you will have to have back tax money or money to catch up the account to work with whom ever has the property.

    Freesample1 gave the best answer....if u've got time 2 do the legwork...newspapers and the courthouse. get ready 2 have a bank letter of prequalification in hand b4 the bid date. u'll have 2 show financial ability 2 back your bid.

    guys list all the Montgomery foreclosures and a number of bank REO's. Good Luck.

    Realtor realtor realtor dont pay a site there not updated and realtors are up to date--feel free to use multiple realtors as i buy houses and one realtor has a list of houses while another will have some of the same addresses and some not on the first realtors list

*<What are the Pros and the Cons when you do a short sale on your property?>?

  • Ismael Rowe
    Ismael Rowe
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    Francis Lemke
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    Darren Dickinson
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