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    This is correct, you will be trespassing and subject to arrest. You can not be on the property.

    Look at it from your “tenant” stand points and what applies to your tenant. Your tenant is entitled to 60 days if your “tenant” has been there for at least a year, or, if your tenant qualify under a new Federal Law, 90 days.** Review: Sect. 702 and 703 in Title V11-Protocting Tenants at Foreclosure Act*** Although you may be facing an eviction, you do have rights. Typically, you would have 5 days to respond to your unlawful Detainers papers? Know your rights! There are always work out plans, regardless of whom your Lender maybe. Your Lender, could just be the Servicing Lender. Find out?

    You can modify your question, you do not have to add an "answer" to this. As the owner, you cannot stay and since your son is a family member, I doubt he will be construed as a "tenant" in this situation. The servicing lender is the person holding the mortgage at this time. You are going to be evicted, you have been served, you need to move and take your son with you.

    Real estate agents need not answer since they are in cahoots with the lenders. These are the greedy criminals who got our country into this mess in the first place. Especially RE agents from Oregon who know NOTHING about Newark law or any law regarding tenancy. FYI if a person has a lease and pays reasonable rent, he is a tenant. "Real Estate Agents" should know this simple definition.

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  • Jayne Schulist
    Jayne Schulist
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    Madyson Wyman
    Yeah, very pleasant