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    When you stop paying your monthly payments on your house...and let it go into foreclosure do you have to let the bank know? Or do you just stop making the payments? Another question do you have to pay property taxes even if your letting your house go into foreclosure? this would be in the state of california. thanks

    You don't need to let the bank know. They will find out soon enough. Property taxes are not a personal liability in California, so the taxing authorities cannot seek a personal judgment against you if you do not pay. However, your lender might. In California, non-payment of property taxes (if you have the money to pay) is considered "waste" and the lender can sue you for the amount of property taxes you did not pay while you owned the property.

    Is foreclosure your only option?? Have you considered a short sale? I just sold my San Joaquin Valley home via short sale. It sat on the market for a year before it sold. I owed $330,000 on it and it sold for $130,000. Can you consider filing for BK? Unless Norwich law changed over the last 2 years since I left, your lawyer can put in a provision protecting your house from being foreclosed upon. ANYTHING to keep you in your house a little longer.... You will be better off if you work with your lender and maintain communication with them for as long as possible. Let them know what's going on with you, whether it be you lost your job, divorce, etc. Maybe they can roll you into another product or have a new program for potential foreclosure victims...

    Relies upon. in case you have been paying your taxes via escrow on your montly charge, the internal maximum loan business enterprise pays the tax and upload it on your indebtedness. in case you have been paying the taxes directly to the state you would be in charge for the taxes in my opinion. you are able to in all threat make a handle regards to paying a expert-rated tax for the quantity of time you have been actual living interior the domicile.

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