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    I'm trying to "flush" the transmission fluid on my 01 Ford Sport Trac. I think I know the way how but I would really like a second opinion or someone to say i'm right. From what I have been told, you disconnect the line that runs from the transmission to the transmission cooler and place it in a measured (quarts) bucket. You start the truck and let the transmission pump the old fluid out and you just add a quart for every quart that is pumped out. You should be able to pump out about 16-19 quarts before you start seeing new fluid? Does this way really work? Is there another way to do this? Does anyone have pictures of the lines that I should disconnect? I am pretty good with tools and do all my own work on my truck like fluid changes and such but a transmission flush is new to me and I won't pay some goofball 120 bucks to do it. I really want to do this myself. If someone could explian it to me or link a write-up I would greately appreciate it.

    Well, the "goofball" is going to be using a machine. That costs money. If you want to do it the backyard way, it's pretty much like you describe, with one big difference: Have the suction line (the other one that's not shooting fluid out) extended into another CLEAN bucket of new fluid. Start it and let it run. It'll suck the new fluid up and fill the other bucket with the old fluid. When it runs clean, you're done. Also, get a can of tranmission cleaner like a shop would use. Lots of shops use BG products, and their cleaners are excellent. That is basically what the machine does. You put the cleaner in the trans first, and let it run/circulate for awhile...then do the fluid exchange.

    2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Transmission

    $259 for a trans flush... damn and I thought $130 was high... But anyhow you can do it at the house but requires replacing the fluid at the same time you are removing the old fluid and usually the flow is good enough to pump more out than can go back in at the same time and can cause damage to the transmission. best to use a machine that uses constant pressure and flow on it as these are some of the problem childs when it comes to flushing. Not sure on yours, but some rear wheel drives from that time frame, you can drain the convertor as well as the pan and have at most 1 quart of old oil left and most can do it themselves.. the convertor has a plug on it to drain the fluid... If not best to leave it to a pro shop

    You need to pick the line that is coming BACK from the cooler in to your transmission. Other than that, you've got it right. I just had my '05 Taurus transmission flushed. $259! Yea, it ain't cheap! All he does it hook up a machine and let it do the work.

    DO NOT PUT TYPE F Norwich THAT TRANS that is completely the wrong fluid and can cause serious damage. that vehicle specified Mercon V trans fluid. do not put in dex3/merc fluid. use mercon V fluid only.

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