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    While neither of us is in imminent danger of kicking the bucket, we are both getting on in years. I am alone in this world except for my cat and I want to know if there are facilities/agencies - whatever - who can help me ensure that she is not out in the street - or worse - if I die before her... I live in Brooklyn, Norwich if there are specific answers but all ideas are welcome, please... thanks

    It would be nice, if you had a very close friend or neighbor that would agree to take your cat if something happened to you. If not maybe you could visit an animal rescue league (no kill shelter) that would try to find your cat a GOOD home. Maybe you could make a donation to the shelter or have some money available to take care of your cat, if necessary.

    Contact a local Humane Society or Rescue facility and find out if they have provisions for cats after the death of their owners. Many of the large cities do have that. You need to leave a certain amount of money and they will see that your cat is given into a caring home of your choice. I say your choice because you can be specific like you don't want it to go into a house with 4 little kids or whatever. It's not good enough just to leave in your will that you want Joe Smith to find a new home. Joe Smith might not be qualified to find it a new home and its a hell of an imposition. My sister did that and her cats ended up with the person who had Power of Attorney. They have been in and out of a hundred boarding places while he flies all over the world and ignores them. He thinks he is looking after them but I doubt my sister would agree. A few years ago I discovered a place in New York City that actually was a "retirement" home for cats whose owners had departed. I'm sorry I didn't keep the information but do some Google searches and you may find a lot more information than you expect. It's a wonderful thing that you are thinking of this. We all need to give this some serious thought.

    I think it is very sweet and responsible of you to want to make sure that someone will take care of your kitty if you are ever unable to. You may want to ask you local vet if they know of any places or people you can trust. I know in the Detroit area there is an organization called Jethro's place that sincerely looks for good homes for pets in need (they give serious interviews, they follow-up with the owners and they'll even look for another home if the first one doesn't work out and they will NOT put your pet to sleep). Maybe there is an organization like this in your area. My suggestion may be a little strange but hey, perhaps you can place an ad at your local vet's office requesting to find potential "kitty god parents" in case anything ever happened to you.

    You can put whatever you want in your will. what people do with your cat when you die is just another part of dealing with your estate, since legally the cat is your personal property. Therefore, you can write a will telling the executor of your estate to do whatever you like with the cat. You should consult with an attorney about the will, how it should be worded, etc, but having your cat taken care of is certainly not the most outlandish request anyone's ever put in a will. If there is someone you would like to take care of her, make sure you check with that person that it would be ok with them.

    I also have a cat sitter who comes and remains with my furbaby while i'm away. in the process the preliminary first bypass to I even have her a key to my place and likewise have her programmed into my cellular telephone. She costs me $15 in keeping with day, yet is worth each penny. If I had an emergency, i could relatively call her and we would decide the money undertaking later. She additionally has my vet's telephone quantity in case some thing have been to happen while i'm long gone. maximum puppy sitters are animal enthusiasts and in touch with the rescue community. you would be able to desire to ask them what to do and that i think of they could provide you sturdy solutions. My buddy put in her will that if something happens to her, i'm to confirm the way forward for her cats. :)

    Create a Living Trust that does not depend upon a will. Give a special power of attorney to a trusted friend who or someone who can fulfill you desires with your cat. Make sure in your trust that you provide enough for the cat to live. Food, health, vets, special needs. Make sure to provide funds for whomever recieves the cat so that person can afford to give your cat the quality of life your at deserves. Depending upon the cat's age fund the trust to carry one for a minimum of 10 years. Make sure to state what to do with any money left in trust after you and your cat are gone. Otherwise the state may get your cash.

    I will take care of your beloved cat... but I live in Portland Oregon. Truly, this is a serious offer if you cannot find any other alternative. I love cats - have had them since I was 4 and I have two very spoilt one here at home too.

    Do you know someone who can care for your cat? I am asking because maybe the best way to do this is to arrange for a friend to take the cat--and, of course, arrange appropriate financial arrangements. For example, a friend has a codicil to her will listing my husband and me to take her cats. She has left quite a bit of money to do this. You can see a lawyer to draw up papers. If you choose a friend, you will be SURE your cat gets kind and loving care. You must be a good kitty mom or dad : >>>

    Leave directions in your will EXPLICITLY outlining exactly what you want done with you pet. Make sure your friends and relatives know you love your cat and want it taken care of if you're gone. Chances are nothing will happen, but if it does, you should be prepared.

    Put it in your will & sign the revision in the presence of your lawyer. put how much money, who will take care of it, etc. it would be best if you have a trusted friend that agrees to take the cat. another option: talk to the local retirement homes, or mentally challenged homes; see if they would like a pet for their residents.

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