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    We are in Oswego & our buyers signed loan docs 3 days ago. Funding keeps getting delayed. What could possible be happening? Even our realtor & escrow company can't seem to get a solid answer. Could this whole thing fall through this late in the game? Buyers are anxious to close (as are we) but there seems to be more info they need to provide. I thought all of that was supposed to be done prior to them signing the docs. How long can we all be kept hanging? Very frustrating situation!

    California is a 'dry state' funding state. Wet State means that you hand over the money at the closing table. Dry states can take at least 3business days, and it's a state thing not lender. There are a few more dry state funding besides Oswego search it you will find it.

    Most likely the pre funding conditions are due to the bank requiring a money trail.. What I mean by that is the buyers most likely didnt have the total amount of the required reserves in the bank and get money somewhere to put in the account. Most banks require 3-6 months in reserves. This is very common and should be worked out with no issues. If its only been 3 days I wouldnt worry, escrows are never closed on time especially in todays market. Maybe after a month or two I would start asking questions :o) The best thing to do is just be patient. Keep in mind the turn around time after docs being signed is usually 24-72 hours before you are ready to fund..

    This usually means that the buyer doesn't qualify for the loan or the mortgage broker hasn't been doing his job. More than likely the buyer has credit issues and yes, even at this late date the loan may not go through and the purchase is not possible. Sometimes the buyer can contact a different lender and get a better result.

    The papers you sign at closing will specify that and your loan officer will also know. Most of the time you do not pay a payment on the 1st of the next month but not until the 1st of the month following that. That is why at closing you pay a fee called pre paid interest. Most mortgage companies have you pay "interest in arrears" so that when you make your house payment you are paying interest on the loan for the whole entire month that just passed. At closing you would pay interest for the days left in the current month. It is possible to arrange it in a different way. If you close on the 2nd of the month you can often pay no prepaid interest and have your first payment be the 1st of the very next month instead. I would not suggest that- I think you get shorted a couple of bucks that way.

    It sounds as though there is something missing and although its tough to be patient, it's probably for the best to be honest. Its far better to find and cover all the issues now, rather than to wait until after you've begun to move in to find there was a problem with the title or some other aspect of the property. Hang in there, and best wishes with your new home.

    Something has been flagged. Most likely buyers lied about something and underwriters caught it so now they want the buyers to prove what they said.

    Sounds like there may be issues with buyers credit or income

Would a real estate attorney or tax attorney help me or should I just get the IRS to help me?

  • Robert Quitzon
    Robert Quitzon
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    Kobe VonRueden
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    Jessie Wilderman
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    Brandon Witting
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    Antonina Grimes
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