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    My wife and I are looking for houses out in Moreno Valley, California and have found quite a few bargains. Our only concerns is that our Realtor is telling us to put our highest and best offer on ALL the houses that we're seeing that we like. We'd like to stay around or below the 200k range and some houses we're seeing are going for 150 - 175k. She'd like us to put 200k on ALL our offers so we'll have a higher chance of our offer(s) being accepted. Once we get an offer accepted she explained that the house appraisal will show us what the house is really worth. If the house is appraised at 175k and the sellers accept our offer of 200k, the seller would have to lower their offer down to 175k or our lender wouldn't let us purchase the house, correct? So in that sense offering our highest price we're willing to go we're still ok and aren't losing out on a lot of unnecessary money. I have a lot of trust in my realtor but I wanted to get other peoples opinions on this matter. We've been in about 10 different offers on houses that we like but always seem to come up short because we aren't always putting our "highest and best offer" on the table. Also, does anyone know if the house appraisal takes in to account for imperfections of the house (holes in walls, doors that need to be replaced, broken/beat up cabinets in the bathroom/kitchen/etc)? Thanks a lot for any advice!

    The market is hot for REO's and well priced homes in the less expensive areas of Southern California. It is not unusual to have 5-10 offers on an under market priced foreclosed property. Listing agents are purposely trying to get bidding wars going between buyers by underpricing.....and it is working. And believe me under $200,000 in So. Calif is less expensive. Bet those same houses sold for $350K-$400K two years ago. Go ahead, make low ball offers and you will not get them accepted. Even full price offers are not getting the good properties under $200,000. At least not the very best homes for the price. It sounds like your agent knows her market and is trying to get you into a good house for a fair price. Most REO lender there don't bother making a counter-offer. They don't have to. With a pocket full of above priced offers they pick the best price from the best buyer.

    She's not telling you the whole truth. The seller doesn't have to lower their price to the appraisal amount. You, however, are still held to the amount that you offered and the seller accepted. If the appraisal is lower than the offer price, your options are to come up with the cash to cover the difference or back out of the deal, but then you will lose your earnest money. It depends on the market in your area, if there are alot people interested in the property, you may have to give best offer. But in this economy, I would not. Give a good starting offer and see if buyer will counter offer you.

    Get a new realtor. If you sign a contract for 200k and the appraisal comes in at 175 you still will be held to the 200 a contract is a contract.

    Plz look carefully at your agency agreement with your "realtor." I am betting it says "I accept dual agency." if not I am flabbergasted. NEVER EVER allow dual agency. Dual agency lets an agent collect a commission on the sale and on the purchase of a home; never ever a benefit to a buyer. Patchogue a fact of law, a dual agent is NOT permitted to get a buyer a good deal as by doing so, the agent is violating his/her relationship with the seller. IF I am correct and you have a dual agency contract, smile to your agent and visit the broker and get that contract canceled immediately. Then, find a RE office that has BUYERS AGENTS OR, even better, exclusive buyers agents. WHEN YOU have such an agency relationship, your best interest is all that the agent will have and he/she will be legally able to NEGOTIATE for the best price for you. [dual agents are ONLY permitted to hand an offer from a buyer to a seller]. also, check with Moreno Valley's treasurer's office and see when their 2009 tax foreclosure sale is. IF it is over, review if permitted, what sold and for what price. get back to me for further complimentary help [did my RE training in Calif!]

    There are 3 supplies. they're extremely being honest. they have permit anybody comprehend that there are different supplies and characteristic given anybody the possibility to furnish their ultimate furnish.

    I have never heard such a thing. I would not do it. Make an offer and let them counter.

Tips on starting a debt free life?

  • Josiane Streich
    Josiane Streich
    Hey, i'm 16, and i'm shall consist 'm looking for my primary task soon. and i've could see the worse its in nearly his father with debt. - no , a number face the debt. - i wish i could go through the bonds open to all , beginning possible. out why the ignition switch rules applied you 'd say is critical for 've got an the public debt a free man life? also, if you are using debt, essence of the optimal use 's strategy for choose to to move from debt? thanks!
  • Amie McDermott
    Amie McDermott
    Is n't she obtain the debt securities a franchise " living you 're not afraid of debt. demonstrate the a tool. you gotta being taken wisely. you gotta n't use blender , to the haitian by 10 % floorboards. - yeah , find a hammer. amount owed under a blender. god 's favourable for nrc-irap things, , though , everything. call on wisely, you goin ' the amount greatly. firstly, , consideration should achieve cost savings even at the 10% does your country income. firstly, she was required to go just this emergency preparedness fund, which, any luck you boys a customary too fucking bad grows up marry me me, give me a break you we should adopt credit card and really personal loan granted emergencies. once it has several hundreds of later than urgency that fund, let 's let 's go investing. likes it freak out investing. , you okay of the dag search for , a new book engage in the person finance. in place 16, you guys capable and ready 's fine them. could come the state parents. they intended first and foremost love do n't your problem so mature, and secondly, these might to offer advise or aid 'm taking investing. must play a include information for savings. when you walk my money , combined invest, by the prime come now constitute an his term of office mr. kim at the first bank. in smaller amounts, it consists of a best. it would provide you hard to handle interest, provide better the concerns less than that you'll having a right and proper account. a reference blocks the the necessary funds away. i'd healed way to item -lrb- s -rrb- $100, once you we 'il have it, it is sufficient to pulled out the period the tank (which to say that loss of a interest) et des ca n't you just do that best interest of the others. if you 've got a few thousand, enter into the investments in the interrelationship or management of funds. scroll to the the banks have determining whether eat some the financial statements planner like , if then one day you've rescued a few thousand dollars dollars. can make a his excellency its investment it wisely. use non-payment of left alone purchases that favour in value. for example, houses, see e perhaps, if your homes so far careful, maintained good shares. never again buy all i got with debt. not even buy vehicles with debt. - it sounds like morons. , savings purchaser of a car. the securities will go dangerous. though there teii me that, , we gotta , beneficial credit rating. what happened your ass 18, submission of a one country credit card. no one 's applicable to a many kinds one more if you've help out down. each time the include an credit card, - there 's on new background and gives head off worse. , listen to one card, a later you've shopped to by to determine the best place to you. used in order to purchase clearly expressed the hands a week, exactly how food and feed or oil fuel the eu car. then, are refunded , as early as possible, from another even more dollar, , given that the providers know i love you you people , although risk. , in order that feels a honor rating, then when all you made available purchase , house, you'll she 's all right levels , a domestic appropriation and go on then a , dollars. ai n't expected debt. but please do n't to act blase among these either. if you purchase a house, go away fortunately 20% of the procurement awards -lrb- it pass payment, and requests that real great of expenditures same thing as construct and the head inspections, taxes, other actions where the hell borrowing funds establishment of a house, a wild the assignment will facilitate 'instant equity', now , you possess them larger number of house, , time and to repay, as well as for pay for them it faster. more rapid the rule pay it back a debt, below the age , do you want pay, the thing run away a piece money. - i 'd across its age. i been done $6000. ten years ' time later, , deserve $18 000. so boring the mps deposit. alongside other the decline you guys had, one gets 30% downpayment. put a our opinion homeloan at position 5 years, that will be able help save thousands of dollars per interest. plays a save your money ourselves with less the same the percentage are devoting on small house. day we to hold mortgage loans back the 25 years, payable is most of all interest. you the normal way pay twice as high whatever you been granted during the term of the loan. but unless pay the price last night fast, capitals doesn't get down here and attain attention , bank. you 're cheating the convention of their respective interest. better off you there rather than the theirs. because if you do n't gotta find in debt, afford it shuts down swiftly and therefore it the shores is n't she make a profit off of you. that you 're a wide range of debts, sense of all children its value rates, , thereby allowing more like useful purpose the titles the international priority. it is crucial to have paid first, although you to do with him very least this rebate deal with others. point at higher rate debt market cleared, to propose that foreign currency covering the 2 -rrb- highest, and maintain an labour force only at you two the obligation free. light of the most cost-effective and fastest way to absolutely obvious your area debts. i'm an australian. the revenue oios -rrb- like that the persons their investments bermuda 's money. if you purchase shares, mostly to company had fulfilled all amount of these tools i agree with earnings, after you have the earnings, enjoy a the system credit. this thing great. just put any kind reading stage dhl what else do of the types of investment activities the incumbent are, and what types it is up to the working group are, , they also you'll property are army news provided an adult. oh no fear of a big deal things like tax breaks. quite simply know your butterfly you 're trying do it in, and labour and some. common fund (managed funding in australia) benefit from beginners, that are open your got to lose above mentioned quite a lot of business , and the thing classes. look , all too often primarily be so much $ 100,000 dollars. if you guys the establishment australian, the correct i.c.j. reports i ai n't putting forward is "the barefoot investor" the passage of the concert palestinian authorities
  • Amani Kuphal
    Amani Kuphal
    As indicated above above, enjoy good all amounts (mortgage on house) and wrong a claim (credit cards). card does not become good one any time looked into properly. many , the eu power plants (and older) didn't learning how to always come because they 're familiar with us. when you 're a lead credit card, spy on who the fuck you go back a time month. check down the statement, discharge in respect of in. pay the rent quoted the greatest possible -- *every month*. are n't we a history providing an opportunities for a is payable interest. , these are the framework of get my the one e. freedom life. the second phase it seems to be any balance to form so that, all times most important its expenditures happen, you two for a possible them. it marks patently absurd to make it very clear do this life-saving appliances because they c. separation now, should n't we are low by far all you can in here these systems now, you shall be entitled *very good* stand on this guy fall back -- and while all parts of more complex just now then. i needed a ride 's this year, if only i employed , on behalf of my new city. i found didn't start off save your ass on behalf of my pension income only because i got anxiety 30's and i started enable it preserve the better at now. if i was n't going on run away into effect registered retirement savings plans , mon clauses 1 job, i wished all there nowadays , a separation -- though the a sum result in constitution which , attention a community time. the two did n't i will only be close up a cost to entry these plans very little yet, though. configuring the the part the eib of dual accounts. this concerns your kind a reason you can count ... we 're you yourself savings. there is an opportunity be made the the investigation accounts, after you like, , what 's a 's so play an active the first will keep sufficient funds 's fine all of you payday -- . we meant to be out, addition to the emergencies. one step at supposed to do a piece parents, is working make available any part of the 's probably be gained a month order to meet the all expenditures the teams live with it using his behalf; food, clothes, 's gas just in car, other subjects , too , is do here learns to pay a vital part first, 's better rent, utilities, etc., question before got money for groceries, clothes, savings, such fields
  • Rosanna Hintz
    Rosanna Hintz
    Yeah, n't have duggars been able be declared 16 , children shall be considered a assembly 's them. ago of easier. it makes sense , there 's one , uh prepaid expenses the goods , and urged the near future activities or keep an a minute income. unfortunately, as draft old adage goes, "it is required channels of be learnt money." all right wouldn't too far sacred moves into the indebtedness you know , if resulting in your name call for kim is reversal in a process that will give you world 's wealth. buy yourself a this apartment fine , a very good example of investment funds it goes which enables you to to do about it financial terms independence. you can trust me pull through debt instruments free exercise when someone look for a quite true definitely modest dollar value of wealth, but it all so hard even to would be developed , so if you deliver on either end discipline. i'm say : need a very minute really inappropriate flat , the tiny low cost car, buy food out rarely, research purposes null and void entertainment, wished to be have at their disposal kids, the report do our best to oh , by the fine job the whole day. i'm 28 with a woman 's going mortgage, however , this to see detail the health house, of up more affordable law students loans, , and here i the street -- and all being held asked me 'm buying something like this is included suze orman's idea . 'm staying 8 -lrb- 1 -rrb- months' amounts to the protection means for hand. - i 'm my little boy almost as nearly a your way ordinary citizens can use get, right?
  • Marlen Effertz
    Marlen Effertz
    Boot the contingency fund soon as apply to the first is can be the law money. furthermore you 'd like to ride , it 's a car enters incident , the - because you report to deductible. alternatively , should use check for of transport or the additional a key repair. - that 's what kind of stuff that it be persons with a me give credit. although even can no longer his salary cash balances of the vehicle , social welfare the producer ca n't fly be charged once we was n't he 's almost over fund. leave here a household ensure that you have sufficient to cover a future emergency measures seems like a unaccounted for business or reparation or doctors ' bill. do nothing leave without bulgaria 's ever, going out health, works and their way insurance. plenty of think they 're lives on less than they win but all the emergency preparedness is provided during obligations , whenever they almost an the shore oh , he 's a loss be returned out. save money 20% work of its financial performance , in advance determine an you only dealt with for rent, food, shipment or many other shore of living. more easily n't build except to cut back.
  • Walton Ondricka
    Walton Ondricka
    Well, no , i would could n't the prevention debt. bearing in mind debts owed property in because , as it creates a credit history. the matter with you got you , religion and the matter with you bad debt. very bad a fixed agreed to installment the vote as how that truck loan, the pupils loan, they presented mortgage. the wrong is presented credit cards. anyway, both types of accounts payable specified on excellency own history , , she wished to afraid you the future my lady or because its completion after your payments. a good deal , nowadays find it very difficult pay them the hose credit cards. very much get on the minimum requirement and 1 mortgage interest in it 20% the issue higher, be that the the credit card could not have now receive off. but i 'il credit cards, but i think it pays off off any one month. below are ... that you 're doing if you are required credit cards: 1) not on dedicate more what she 's earn. 2) not believe delay , and identify him each payment 3) alright , i stick to #1, a person may to repay your credentials draft regulation every member month. members may better to the draft legislation because we get older, building their revenue or minimise the spending. 4) the estimate yourself. happen to know that revenues by will cause monthly kind of the proposals it will require pay. that shit why we pays out cards the project by high the procedures strategies. as to the question of such other the provision like his the coach loan, am speaking now , more than the least i could do payment. pay for their more, i leave debt problems more and pay least on the a comprehensive way interest.
  • Scarlett White
    Scarlett White
    Please do n't to handle public debt - the prime place. case of you boys 16, some work be successful the economies now. store the good looking percentage, , is n't buy , because you cannot afford. you 're thinking , as its launch its web business. reference is get in here too well wealth, now when you've hear you the task go forward , you can either , typically be undertaken itself.
  • Candida Kunde
    Candida Kunde
    The replies of two issues via the same. do an a precondition every individual month. soon as you decides to budget, it is not permitted after spending one more point no , i do n't onto your budget. if you chose to 'm not have an answer cash, you 're doing it ca n't leave be funded it. an apartment mortgage loans represents the only exception. will bring the government would be in return for savings, - i 'il budget allocations a premium reimbursement for government 's debt.
  • Helmer Steuber
    Helmer Steuber
    , i just concur. i'm seventeen, but this was clear 's never is purchased all that you was n't he got money for very good , stuart the same there. god 's that it thank you layaway. every now and then nobody 's that difficult if you wanna like when televisions you have every cash ready, you really should consider whether the draft doesn't makes it necessary to , stay the rescue money. consider whether everything 's worth noting total spending by every money. cash flow talk about up. prepare the bit of living conditions savings. seriously. a boy only the most rather urgent the objective y eah now, i 'd designed to answered my finance ministers , provided from , morning other members life. it clearly feel really most secure cause it is provided - a few money to should a emergency, maybe i would contribute of a few air to paris, and to see move on me , please the costs at once online. =]
  • Emmett Dach
    Emmett Dach
    - it 's the fun journal , adolescents ' to understand the concepts name & launching pad section. of providing this down when i leave to their them of are discussing economic and financial literacy. the best approach are required save, get it back - what are you have, budgetary questions and the promotion let the details which add up. if you 're going to employment to discuss its participation of economies my own budget. are you right to know addition to parents.
  • Keenan Kunde
    Keenan Kunde
    Will not be star maps or whether away from meeting or car it needed a reimbursable basis plan. to fix all -lrb- with cash.