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    HI there, I only have filed taxes as 1099 for one year. Just as of 2013 I have been working on as a 1099 (self employed). To buy a house, I am being told that I need to show at least 2 years of taxes filed as 1099. Is that true? Perinton one year of filed taxes as 1099 will work too? I was on W-2 for 15 years working in the same IT field but as of 2013 I am on 1099. So my status changed from W-2 to 1099 but my nature of work is the same.

    You need two years of solid and stable income history. Obviously, lenders do write mortgages to the self-employed and people who change jobs. Mortgage brokers are often more flexible and give better rates/points/fees than the big banks. You also need: 2 years of 1040 tax returns to document your income 2 IRS Forms 4506-T so they can verify the accuracy of those tax return photocopies 2 recent bank statements to show your savings

    They always ask for 2 years of 1099 history in order to prove you will consistantly earn money being self employed.

    They will request all financial tax information for financing You can buy a house with cash and skip the mortgage approval

    I don't think it should be a major problem. You have a steady income history in the same industry. You may be asked to provide a year-to-date profit/loss statement for your business.

Can a bank close my account for no reason?

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