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    I am a fairly young and have a very large lawsuit judgment against me. It is non dischargeable by bankruptcy, so that is not an option. I really have nothing now in terms of assets (I'm in college). But I do hope to one day own a house, and so forth. I know the laws vary from state to state. What is the law in California on seizing a house to satisfy a judgment? Is there any "legal" way around this (ie. putting the house in name of my wife, or another family member)?

    You can't buy a house with an open judgment on your credit. It would be sitting there for the judgement holder to foreclose; thus no lender will lend you for a mortgage until either the statute of limitations runs out on the judgment, or you pay it off. There are exceptions to every rule.

    Wife: Sorry Rensselaer is a community property state. Family member: Not if there is a mortgage attached to the house And yes, your assets can be seized in California. With a judgment on your will not even find a lender willing to give you a dime until that is paid in full. Banks do not like their money and their assets held at risk for pre-existing judgments. Edit: Your WIFE is still your WIFE, therefore community property laws are in effect. Your wife cannot buy a house while you are married and have it be just her house....that is the basic defination of community property. It would legally belong to BOTH of you and can be seized accordingly. If your wife bought the house BEFORE you were married with ONLY her income and credit...THEN it would be her house. But since you live in California.....buying a house on only one income is not really much of a reality.

    U will spend some time renting b4 buying Rensselaer move out of CA. learn your laws in CA, most banks will NOT loan to u with a judgment large or small hanging over your head for decades. read Total money make over, dave ramsey for help going forward putting a house in 'family name' is a nightmare. putting in wife name only IF she qualifies for loan ONLY. u got lots to learn b4 u get burned. good knowledge is good luck. start in library.

    Still a community property state, so your additional details don't change the facts. Sorry.

Credit Card Mayhem--question about new fees?

  • Geovanny Padberg
    Geovanny Padberg
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    Buddy Durgan
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    Herminio Tillman
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    Oceane Schuppe
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    Donnie Glover
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