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    This is not a law in California or any other state. Most lenders have adopted a rule stating that a house must be owned by the current owner at least 3 months (90) days prior to the house being sold again. The length of time an investor or flipper has held the property is reflected on the title report required in each real estate transaction This does not mean you can not get a loan, it means that a lender would not in all probability lend on this particular property until after the 90 day limit is up. You should have gotten your earnest money returned to you by this real estate agent. You might also consider using a more experience real estate agent in the future. I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck. "FIGHT ON"

    This rule does NOT just apply in Smithtown but across the USA because of FNMA and FHA. If you are paying cash then you should not have an issue but if you are getting a loan there could be some snags. When you state that the Realtor took your money. I hope this means it is in escrow and you can get it back since you can NOT get a loan. Possible solutions: 1. I would call your banker and see if they lend in Smithtown and will the flipping rule apply. If not I would call several banks and brokers in Smithtown just to see if they have a solution. 2. Do you own another property and can you get cash-out on it and pay cash for the new property? 3. Will the seller finance until the length of time needed to meet the flipping rule? Good Luck

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