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    So my bf and have been wanting to buy a house for some time but of course just have a few thousand saved and new promotion last year. We really want a house but cant yet afford the 350k-400k range that we see in homes. I am not working yet after graduating 2 years ago. My bf has a very stable job that pays well and he is approved to buy 250K house. He thought why don't we look into a condo as a starter? We could probably find a condo around 180k-230k. But I feel condos don't appreiciate by a lot as homes do. If it makes sense to rent it out later, and it makes money for us then I can see buying a condo as a good starter and make money later. My question is, I believe a condo costs so much more ex; could cost min $1,400-1,650 mnth house payment $ 800.00-1100./mnth PMI less than 20% down payment $ 100.00-250. mnth property taxes $ 200.-300 mnth home insurance $ 50.0-90 mnth HOA's fees $ 80.0-300 mnth

    First of all I want to echo the current individuals that answered your question. Finding a condo in the price range your boyfriend has been pre-approved would be difficult. If you plan to use this condo as an investment property later this might prove to be difficult. In renting of condos in a complex, only 10% may be rented at any one time. Therefore if there are twenty condos in the complex in which you purchase your condo has 20 condos, at any one time there could only be two rentals. In some cases there are waiting list for a condo to become a rental. This restriction is placed on the condo complex by FHA. If there are more than 10% tenants in the complex, FHA would not approve a mortgage loan for this complex. Therefore no one in the complex would be able to sell their condo. Most all mortgage lenders are in line with the FHA guidelines. Before buying any condo, it is imperative that you carefully read the CC&R, financial statements as well as the by-laws., prior to closing. You would also looking to find out if the condo is currently in litigation. You might would want to check your figures and numbers you presented as some appear to be low for the Los Angeles/ Long Beach area. You are correct in the fact that condo, town homes and co-ops normally don't appreciate in value as would a single family house. In California condos would appreciate faster than other areas of the United States. In the purchase of a home you might consider applying for a FHA mortgage loan. the ceiling or cap in California is in excess of $477,000 that you would be able to be approved for. The down payment is around 3.5%. Of course MIP is built into the monthly payment and would have to be paid for the life of the mortgage loan. MIP is akin to PMI. Also since this is a government mortgage loan you would be required to pay your insurance and county taxes with your monthly mortgage payment call an impound account. There are other methods of purchasing a home, you would have to find and read books about foreclosures, distressed properties and the many varied unconventional methods to purchase a home. You might also consider For Sale By Owners (FSBO) in some cases these sellers might consider carrying the mortgage, and you would not need a mortgage lender. I hope this has been of some benefit to you,good luck. "FIGHT ON"

    HOA fees will be more then that. Your bf will also qualify for a lower mortgage because of them. Also you normally can NOT rent them out. The HOA does not allow it. They will only allow a small percentage to be rented out, and there will be a waiting list for the privilege. Do not count on it even if your mortgage allows it (fha will not). I don't know where in Troy you can buy anything that cheap. If you can find something you should snatch that puppy up. It is being sold way below market, so fix the reason why and you will make a really good profit when you sell.

    I dont know where this place is for $180,000 but most condos near L.A. are in the $400,000 range.

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