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    I don't know what happened but my mortgage company has raised my interest rate to 9% from 5.19% and I cannot afford to do that much of payment month ($5000.00) what should I do. I live in california. I'm paying the minimum payment now and they keep on adding the rest of the amount to my principal(negative ammortization). my loan amount id higher then the value of the property right now. what should i do.

    There probably isn't anything that you can do about that mortgage. You probably neglected to read the fine print. The only things that you can do are refinance if you can, sell, or let the property go into foreclosure. Or you could get a second job or a roomate to help out.

    You obviously got hooked on a teaser rate when you signed up for this mortgage. Adjustable rate mortgages look good when you begin them, but there pain on the back end of the deal. You can let them take the house, but this doesn't let you walk away free and clear. If they sell the house for less than you owe, they can get a judgment for the rest and you will owe it just as you now owe the mortgage. With a foreclosure and judgment on your credit record, you will be hard-pressed to get any decent credit for years to come. You need to examine your situation and the terms of the mortgage. How long have you been in the house and is there any equity in the home? Depending on the down payment , any appreciation that has occurred since you bought, and the length of time you were paying at a lower rate, there may be equity. Is your income likely to rise in the near term to allow you to make the full payment? What are the exact terms of the mortgage that you signed? If interest rates go down, does your rate decrease, or is this the real rate and the initial rate was nothing more than short-term bargain? Once you understand your financial situation clearly, you can make the best decision. If there is any equity, then you can sell. If your income will go up, or if you can take a part-time job to supplement your present earnings, maybe you can keep making payments until you have the opportunity to refinance.

    Refi the house. If your mortgage rate just adjusted most likely you still have equity. I am a mortgage broker and to even qualify for that type of mortgage program you need equity from the start a minimum of 75 - 80% Loan to Value. Contact your current mortgage provider as I am sure they would help you refi your property. Your mortgage company does not want you to foreclose, as it cost them way more money than you and when they sell the home they sell at a lost. Contact me and I am more than willing to give you options on what can be done, but don't give up your home there are ways out. Ever since the housing market colapse I'll I have been doing is refi'ing Adujustable Rate Mortgages into 30 year fix rates.

    Hi I am in California also, I am a real estate agent. I just met with a family who had the same exact problem. I advised them to refinance to a fixed mortgage. Fortunately its easier to refinance once you are in the home than it is to get the loan to buy a home. My client and I talked about the 4 options 1. Selling it (But he couldn't do it as his house is worth less than the loan with the market the way it is) 2. Renting it (Same problem he can't rent it for what the payments are) 3. Bring in more income - But he and his wife were already both working + over time so they can't work anymore they are exhausted mentally and physically. 4. Walk away (They don't want to ruin their credit) So it kind of stinks as there are no good choices but to make the payment go lower. What happens is when people start paying late a few times it makes it harder to qualify for a refinance. Time is the key here. My advice is whatever decision you make think about it for 24 hours and then do it very rapidly. Know that you are not alone. As a real estate agent I am seeing this more and more.

    You have a few options left before you give up. First talk with a mortgage broker and make sure there is no way to refinance into something that is a little easier. Second, you can go to your current lender and ask for a forbearence. They may give you a lower interest rate or allow you to pay interest only for an extended period of time. Third, talk with a realtor about the doing a short sale. Make sure they have done these before and can negotiate with your lender. You may be able to walk away from the home with no bad credit marks, and little to no debt depending on the terms your realtor can negtiate. I can help if you send me a message. Just get on it soon so the problem doesn't get worse.

    You have my sympathy in a major way. I have reservations about regulators and even lenders who have allowed some of the questionable lending products onto the market lately. As an old guy, who had a 16.75 percent (fixed rate) mortgage back in the 80s, you would never catch me signing on the dotted line for ANY kind of variable rate mortgage... the truth is that NOBODY knows what is going to happen to interest rates over the considerable life of a mortgage. Beyond that, if you are not totally on top of what the fine print says in your variable rate mortgage, you open yourself up to outrageous things like what has happened to you. NOTE: There is a relationship between interest rates and real estate prices; low rates mean easy money for new buyers and thus more demand and higher prices... plus, things are more volatile in Van Buren than they are in most of the rest of the US; that means even more risk on your part... sorry. To the point, your lender may be in as big a pile of trouble as you, with lots of potential defaults and falling real estate prices (chances are, they do not want the house on their books). For less than one of your monthly payments, you may be able to hire a lawyer to negotiate a deal for you that you can live with, without forcing yourself into bankruptcy. Please have the wisdom to use an attorney; clearly, this kind of thing is not your strong suit.

    You will have to sell your home since you are upside down. Your attorney will have to negotiate a short sale (negotiate the payoff down on the mortgage). You could be liable for the loss that they take. I'd recommend setting up payment arrangements after the transaction is done (it could be $40,000 left over that was lost that you'll have to pay *just an example*) If you can't pay, file a CH 7. I know there's a lot of bad press out there about it ruining your credit but a foreclosure ruins your credit. A bankruptcy will wipe the slate clean and do the right thing the next time around (establish credit, don't over spend or live beyond your means, get a home in the future that is affordable) Good luck!

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    If you can, refinance with a reputable bank. This is the problem with some types of mortgages. It's important to read and understand all the documents provided by the lender. This is one reason there are so many foreclosures in the US.

    I would recommend doing a short sale. I could help you do this if you would like to contact me. I have done many of these in the last few years and have bought and sold a couple hundred properties. Send me an email and I will tell you how to get started or go to my website- (still working on the site so I apologize for the mess)

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    Keira Langosh
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    Nicole Auer
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    Daphnee Considine
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    Sienna Crona
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    Jeffrey Von
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    Charlotte Herman
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    Melyssa Lockman
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