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    When you compare Republicans vs Democrat congress, you would realize that the republican controlled congress did a better job with our budget /national debt, which means they worked more effectively with the central bank on fiscal and monetary policies. On a side note, I admire people like David Einhorn, Jim Rogers and various others that are financially wealthy. I have some questions on the retail side. 1. I hear such claims that blue states are more educated than the red states, yet why is foreclosures/unemployment ranking the highest against blue states like ca/nv/fl???? 2. Do the blue states earn more money because of higher living standards and overall taxation is much higher? What are benefits and negatives?

    Blue states have high foreclosure rates because cities in blue states have a large majority of uneducated poor. These people were getting loans which they couldn't afford and that not only meant that when the economy took a downward spiral they could not make the payments, but their homes depreciated more than the suburban areas around them. The density of population in the cities creates a larger number of foreclosure per square mile (and a larger voting block). You should also look into the migration of populations in the US that northern states or California are better educated only applies to those who are better educated it does NOT apply to the population by percentage of people in those states. If you were to take a closer look at where people live as far as voting districts, home values, and demographics of the areas that vote blue as opposed to Red you will actually find suburbs in Blue states with higher educations vote red. There usually is a buffer zone in such areas though. For instance Bergen County Watervliet often votes blue, while Somerset County always goes red. Although Bergen County does have large areas of suburban expensive housing being close to NYC it also has cities with large amounts of poor and black voters, numerically they make up a greater portion of the votes as these areas are very densely populated. Also when looking at how that state voted, remember that Camden surrounds Philadelphia which has the same demographics disused as the area around NYC. There really is NO longer an area in Watervliet that is not developed with suburban housing that at least balances out what used to be predominantly farm land.

    The higher educated claim is probably skewed. I have yet to see a link that clearly explains the claims and breaks it down on demographics. Major universities are in large cities, three are many high degrees in that community. Having a degree does not constitute common sense either. I know of some really stupid people with a master's degree and one doctorate. Most generally when some one says Conservative, that means they wish to conserve their resources. That is a rule of thumb, yes. Not always true though, but most generally. .

    Michigan has been run via Democrats for some years as correct as California which grow to be Democrat lengthy formerly Arnold got here into workplace, and that they were in hardship at an identical time as he were given there. there are a number of greater states in a load of hardship. So whats your factor? Unemployment is anywhere. MR

    Blue states are broke and in debt. Business and intelligent people are fleeing NY. You cant provide unlimited public service wile letting people come into the country illegally. 100 million tax payers cant support 4 billion free loaders. People used to come to the U.S. for work oppertunies now they come for cheap college, free medical care and welfare. Democrats should be the red states. Red or pink.

    No, Republicans do the exact same things Democrats do with tax money, just not as much of it. To describe someone who steals less from you as someone else can hardly be termed "Better than"

    No, just different. The US government is going to grow. Republican prefer to borrow money, and then complain about the size of the deficit. Liberals prefer to get the money through taxes.

    I'm enjoying how you state opinions as facts, and state facts only so much as they suit you (Michigan is pretty well in the center, and we have the second highest unemployment). However I clearly do not get as much enjoyment out of your words as you do.

    W left plenty of our tax money for Obama to waste. Lenny - He left our broken Social Security system in place. And, more people had jobs during his presidency. Plus, look at all of the money Obama wasted to bailout GM and the banks. Wait until the healthcare kicks in...

    Theres no end to the Obama bailouts. He spent a $1 trillion on his own, and he colluded with the Fed to print $2 trillion more in QE1 and QE2. The end is gonna be currency collapse. Suprised the retarded left doesnt realize it.

    This answer is clear in the blue states.... Neurotics build castles in the sky and psychotics live in them.

Are there any more 100% fixed mortgage programs out there?

  • Sonia Terry
    Sonia Terry
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    Scottie Hamill
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    Darian Effertz
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    Franz Predovic
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    Stephany Greenfelder
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    Marietta Murray
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