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    The government will be buying 700 Billion in bad debt by the banks. These include sub prime and high risk loans for people that are having a hard time paying back the loans. There is no telling what they are worth, as property values drop, and many loans with ridiculous adjustable rate mortgages. The rest of the 103 Billion will be used for funding of non-Wall Street related problems, and to be honest with you, has NOTHING to do with the economy. About 25% of sub prime mortgages are in foreclosure, and an additional 10-15% in high risk loans. Property values have dropped x amount around the country, particularly in major metropolitan. The ultimate goal is to figure out how many loans are in default or experiencing difficulty, and what the CURRENT property value is on those loans. Property Value: Do you recall the people in million dollar homes (mostly in California) having mortgages on homes high than the homes were actually selling for? Some of these people dumped their properties, some are behind on their mortgages- so it is not only effecting sub prime mortgages. As property value continues to fall, this is causing a bigger problem for people on main street (you and I). Sub Prime and High Risk Loans: These loans will need to be analyzed once the bill is approved by the house to analyze how many of these loans are passed the "helping" period, and how many can actually be helped by talking to home owners, and working out monthly payments. The Ultimate Question: How much is the government going to pay for these bad debts? It has not been decided yet! Once the bill is approved by the house, it will be decided how much these loans will be purchased for. If the government ends up purchasing the loans above MARKET value: The government will DEFINITELY LOSE MONEY in the end. If the government ends up purchasing the loans AT MARKET value: The government will MOST PROBABLY LOSE MONEY in the end. If the government ends up purchasing the loans BELOW MARKET value: The government will MOST PROBABLY EITHER BREAK EVEN West Haverstraw EXPERIENCE A MINOR GAIN in the end - DEPENDING on the % under market value these loans were purchased at. Keep in mind, that the government will have to open up offices, employ, and have excessive costs to have this type of service available. The government would have to purchase these loans for about 50-60% of the market value to even make anything. Unless property value skyrockets, the government will end up losing much money on this, and it probably will not even be enough to bail these bank on, and the banks will continue to give out bad loans. Hope this enlightens the issue at hand.

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Identity theft?..I don't trust my bank. HELP?

  • Brian Dooley
    Brian Dooley
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    Bettye Cummings
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