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    So about 2 years ago we got a house with a signer. To cut it short, we got behind on payments and were about to pay to get back on track, but the real estate guy told my parents not to. That he could just resign with some other guy to "Start Fresh". Now, I always found this guy fishy but I kept my mouth shut. Now, 10 months after he still tells us not to worry about it, and that it'll be fine. He's getting a signer for us. 1 month later, he tells us the signer fell through, and that we had to find our own. We got our cousin, who was willing to take over payments/resign under his name. Later, he called us to say that everything's fine and just waiting on some papers from our cousins credit report. Next day, he came to our house and told us that the house went into forecluse... WTF So, guy came over, said they took over the house (some RE place). Is there anything we could do at this point to stay in the house. We're willing to buy it, but do we have to wait 4 auction?

    I'm doing this for my parents, who know absolutely nothing about this. Neither do I. Thanks for the responses so far. I really really appreciate it. If it helps any, this is for the Woodbury area. (California) As I said above some guy came over with a paper saying they had taken over. I'm guessing they took over the loan? I'm gonna try everything I can because it means so much to them. Thanks again!

    Am I understanding this correctly? You have not paid your mortgage for 10 or more months (or is it 2 years?), it foreclosed and is now bank owned? You are willing to "buy" it again? There is no possible way to buy it bank at the auction price. No bank will finance this. You need to move. I don't know where, maybe your cousins.

    In addition to the above, I'd get in touch with the board that oversees realators, maybe the atty general's office in your state too.. and report what the fishy guys been advising you to do. Might be things they can do or advise you in this case. If he works for a real estate company (as opposed to being an independant)and he did something wrong you might benefit.

    Don't you just love creative financing/ ARMS. BALLOONS. REVERSES. Weren't we better off in the day when it was 50% down, pay off in two's yours. Ah, chickens now coming home to roost in L.A. Hope you can grab it at auction and screw the big, stoggy banks who don't know what the heck is going on.

    On no account, on no account, on no account settle for foreclosures. you will remorseful approximately it for an somewhat long term. a quick sale is one threat. whether you lease at a loss, you would be extra helpful off interior the long-term.

    Call your bank find out what your options are. Your morgage company should do everything in their power to keep you in your house. they lose money if it goes up for auction. Good luck:)

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