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    I owned a home in the state of California, financed with BofA. It was an FHA loan. Unfortunately, I lost my job and tried to negotiate a loan mod, but because of perfect credit, they wouldn't work with me. I eventually went into foreclosure during the BofA freeze, and they refused to work with me on a short sale or a deed in lieu. (Keep in mind when this process started home values in Asheboro had just plummeted, and were back on the rise when it finally was foreclosed on.) Long story short... The foreclosure process lasted nearly 2 years. On August 12, 2012, public records indicate the home foreclosed and was sold to the lender for $529,214. I confirmed with BofA that a 1099A was issued for a surplus, as the amount owed (paid in full with all taxes, fees, etc.) was $444,680.47. So I am being held liable for a surplus in excess of $84,000 - and yet I obviously never got any funds from the difference in sale price. I have spent nearly 6 hours on the phone today with BofA, HUD and Riverside County trying to find out what happened with the sale of the home. Due to the fact the process was so long, my forwarding address likely expired and I wasn't receiving any documents. I have no idea where to go to get information. So the question is, am I entitled to these surplus funds, as it seems as if they've 1099'd me for them. Doesn't this mean they consider this a gain? I need quick and accurate information, no guesses please. I moved back to Asheboro because I am a cancer patient, and I am trying to resolve this for my family while I still have the strength to do so! Thank you in advance!

    If your property sold at the Trustee Sale for more that what was owed against it (principal, back interest, insurance, taxes and foreclosure cost) you are entitled to all the amount over this amount. With a Trustee Sale the lender (BofA) places a minimum bid price that includes all the money that is owed. If a third party bids over that minimum amount the bank didn't take it back. In most cases the lenders minimum bid is more than what the property is worth and the back takes it back and later sells in as an REO by listing it with a Realtor and selling it through the MLS. If a third party purchased the property at the Trustee Sale you would be entitled to all the money over the minimum bid. Check with the California State Controllers office under unclaimed property. If any check was returned to the bank the bank would give the State Controller's office the money.

    Since no one here has the exact details of what happened, we can ONLY give you guesses. You need to work more with BofA...HUD and Riverside county have nothing to do with this.

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    Sister Cassin
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    Lorenzo Howe
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