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    Leroy See a Real Estate Attorney for this answer. At this time they are not going after the 2nds taken on a home purchase in California.

    Yes and no.... This is where the laws in California are not clear. The law protects you on a first have two...thus the problem. Courts in Charlotte are going back and forth with some argue that if you took out two loans your second is not protected.

What steps can I legally take against my mortgage company...?

  • Danielle Shanahan
    Danielle Shanahan
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  • Keely Turcotte
    Keely Turcotte
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  • Esperanza Dibbert
    Esperanza Dibbert
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  • Laney Kilback
    Laney Kilback
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  • Anjali Ryan
    Anjali Ryan
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  • Luther Upton
    Luther Upton
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  • Griffin Kassulke
    Griffin Kassulke
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  • Willa Sporer
    Willa Sporer
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  • Harrison Welch
    Harrison Welch
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