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    I read a story about a woman who was getting paid under the table for babysitting but wasn't reporting it to welfare. The woman she was working for even files taxes and claimed the money as Childcare expense and put all this woman's info on it. She still didn't get in trouble until someone snitched. Doesn't welfare have some way of checking peoples tax info ? Or do they not look into it unless they are given a reason? Thanks.

    Do we really want every government t agency sharing information with every other government agency - at all level of government, Fed, state, county? Well, we are getting there. The Feds mandate all states to participate in the PARIS interstate match system. Read how Minnesota puts it into action. numbers are matched across all state welfare systems - your welfare record follows you - if currently or recently active. Also major employers, Clemmons benefits, more. But in the end, no mater how much help you get from the computer, a human must investigate. Due to calendar time lags, many "hits" are non-issues. Closed in Alaska January, opened in Hawaii February will generate a match - to be investigated - determined to be a non-issue. Staffing in welfare offices are at 50% in many counties nationwide. Well staffed offices now have 500 cases per worker, when they had 100 ten years ago. We can imagine that much work goes undone. Smaller government is a good thing, but.... Here is an interesting factoid. I had been hearing that EBT fraud was rather minor, less than 2%. I knew this was bogus, so decided to track down the source. I found the USDA report titled "The Extent of Trafficking in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: 2009-2011". Just what I was looking for. Here is how the USDA defines EBT card trafficking: "Trafficking of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits occurs when SNAP recipients sell their benefits for cash to food retailers, often at a discount." If I buy an EBT card with $400 on it, for $200, the USDA DOES NOT CARE. It is not classified as 'trafficking in food stamps benefits'. The most common EBT fraud is selling it to another person, not the store. Anyone who knows anything about this stuff knows that, but the USDA does not care. They only care, and provide statistics, when the vendor is involved. And now you know........the rest, of the story. ~ ~ The vast majority of fraud is "he said, she said" - not provable, Nothing can be done about it.

    I'll explain something to you. In advanced economies, governments allocate a lots of resources to investigating cases of fraud and to preventing them from occuring. Statistics also show how rare these frauds are, by the way. The problem here is that, beyond a certain point, catching a few more people will cost you a lot and these recipients seldom get away with huge amounts of money. Some people will cheat and you'll have to live with this idea. Meanwhile, most recipients don't cheat and they likely need that support really bad...

    I believe that it's a matter of lack of funds and manpower. Considering the large amount of people receiving foodstamps, there's obviously a lot less number of workers looking into possible fraud. I would imagine that it's simply a matter of randomly pulling out every 10th, 100th, or whatever number of foodstamp recipients for review. It's unfortunate, but just further solidifies the reality that people will be greedy so long as nobody is watching them. Everybody's guilty of it, though.

    I heard of someone who was cheating on his taxes, not declaring all his income and claiming false deductions. Don't the IR service have a way of catching these cheats? There are cheats everywhere. That doesn't make it right. The philosophy of 'whatever you can get away with' is unacceptable whether from a businessman, a worker, a president or a benefits claimant.

    Sadly, the government is compartmentalized so much that the IRS [federal agency] and state welfare departments can not exchange information, even with signed permission. [IRS simply lacks the capability to do that.] lots of other people who are paid in cash also fiddle on their taxes and/or get government supports that their real income suggests they aren't eligible for. In some subcultures in America, it's even a game played by multiple families on the block -- who can get what for free despite having enough already.

    Too many people getting it.. not enough people checking it out.

    Some people have no morals, so they steal whatever they can.


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