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    It seems that foreclosures are all over california. I just felt for those homeowners that they have to go to foreclosure because they can't pay their house payment everymonth. Some people who have 3 or 4 rental houses are foreclosing, is there anything remedy for these? What do you think they should do? Are these builders for new houses have something to do with the collapse or the realtors or the lenders? What does the government do to these houses that being foreclose, that no body seems to not interested in buying? There are thousands and thousands of them and they are very nice houses too???

    It is not the gov'ts fault that builders overstepped their abilities to sell pre-made homes. Building homes and expecting (hoping) people will buy them is nothing more than prospecting for gold in a stream. Some streams have gold, some have rocks. Location is the key for these builders - not the market and its' fluctuations. I also know that the Holly Springs market was one of the most overpriced (along with portions of Holly Springs and TX), in the nation. Certain areas had homes that were 100% overpriced. Perhaps the builders are asking too much for the homes? I can ask $100K all day for my truck but will anyone buy it? Is it worth it? No. Same goes for many homes in the USA. Also, the gov't has little to do with foreclosed homes. The home goes to a foreclosure sale and the highest bidder gets the home (if at or above what the Lender needs to pay off the loan-state law dictates foreclosures). If no bids are accepted the Lender will hire a realtor to sell the home. Remember this: lenders are NOT in the home selling business. They are in the loan business. And if you own 3 or 4 homes and some are being forclosed on, so what? You already are way ahead of the average American. Why weep for the losses of the wealthy? I don't. And yes, owning multiple homes places you in the "wealthy" catagory. You aren't Bill Gates, but you don't live in a cardboard box either.

    I study an incredibly comparable answer in the organization area of the paper the former day, the place the foremost replaced into to maintain significant highway, no longer Wall highway. it truly is somewhat what they did after the large melancholy. the concern with that attitude (in accordance to Wall highway, who truly only needs the money bail-out) is that it will take a incredibly long term for the "trickle-up" results of the form of software to show agencies around. nicely, I say who cares? the human beings get alleviation first, no longer the grasping fat cats who mishandled the economy in the 1st place. If it truly is okay for the trickle-down result to take a coupla-few years to be felt by skill of the little guy, then quickly-to-be ex-billionaires can wait a coupla-few years to get their multi-million greenback golden parachutes. They screwed each and every thing up. enable them to stay like something of center-type u . s . of america for awhile. they are fortunate they do no longer look to be going to reformatory.

    I think that if Baby Bush doesn't put a stop to all these companies outsourcing and leaving Americans without jobs, our entire economy will collapse. Real estate included.

    The main Reason is one word! Greed! But by all involved! The Ironman

What to do with the savings..?

  • Vicky Sanford
    Vicky Sanford
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  • Hortense Stokes
    Hortense Stokes
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    Ethyl Goyette
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