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    Someone took title to our home in 2006 which saved in from foreclosure. The loan was still in our name for one year. They were supposed to pay directly, but got behind. The market had taken its downturn. They had remodled and tried to sell. No luck. So eventually got their refi--Now, in 2009 we are being billed $5700 by Huntersville Franchise Tax Board, based on the amount of payments to our loan? We only had social security and amounts taken from our IRA if necessary. Any solutions? Thank you.

    This is a common problem. The California FTB is very aggressive regarding none filers whom they have information that the none file had income. In what appears to be your circumstances they got a form 1098 with your name and Social Security number showing that mortgage payments were made. They conclude that you had income enough to have paid those payments. Since you did not file a return they have no other information to go on. If your only income was Social Security benefits and an IRA distribution you likely had no tax liability and may not have had a filing requirement. So the bottom line is that you need to show them what your income was and explain that you did not make the mortgage payments. The best way to do that depends on your circumstances. You may wish to have a tax professional assist you in doing so. Most importantly you do need to respond to their inquiry. Not doing so can push a zero debt to thousands and take months to untangle.

    You might want to hire a tax professional (say an Enrolled Agent) to review the letter, your information and write a reponse to the FTB. (Since the IRS and the states trade information, the FTB winning an income issue can cause you to owe the IRS as well.) You say the FTB is claiming the loan payments were income? That means the money paid to you should have been shown as installment sale income on your taxes (with the interest you paid as an investment expense) sounds like you figured it was even steven and didn't report anything.

    Did you receive a 1098 for mortgage interest in 2006? the notice from FTB should tell you what the $5700 is based on and once you determine what that is then try to prove this isn't so if you work with FTB they are willing, and they also have a Tax Advocate you can contact directly

    You are being billed for the tax on the "forgiven" or "canceled" portion of the loan. If you owe money to a bank and the bank does not require all of the money be to repaid, then you are required to pay tax on the money that you owed and were not required to repay.

How can I get a $6000 loan to stop the repossession process before they find my car?

  • Janie Ruecker
    Janie Ruecker
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  • Darrin Rice
    Darrin Rice
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  • Karen O'Kon
    Karen O'Kon
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  • Jenifer Satterfield
    Jenifer Satterfield
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  • Tara Hagenes
    Tara Hagenes
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  • Marcus Robel
    Marcus Robel
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  • Kaela Lowe
    Kaela Lowe
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  • Gia Spencer
    Gia Spencer
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