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    My fiance purchased a condo in California a little over two years ago on her own. My name is no where on the loans, title or any of the documentation. This was her purchase. Now we are facing not being able to make payments on the property, the property losing close to 100k and a foreclosure. We're getting married in October and if a foreclosure happens, it wouldn't be until after that as, at this moment, we are current. If the foreclosure takes place after the marriage, will it affect my credit rating at all? I don't plan on putting my name on anything, obviously. Having one of us retain a good credit rating may make the process easier, as difficult as it's already going to be. files aren't merged when you get married. After you are married...if you have any joint/co-signed credit cards/loans that fall behind or default, then both spouse's credit will get damaged....If you have any doubts....keep your finances separate. If you jointly apply for a new credit (or especially) a new mortgage, then your spouse's foreclose will probably affect your ability to qualify.

    No It would not affect your credit. Only problem you would have is when you both want to be on a loan together and they run HER credit. Having a foreclosure is not the end of ever owning a house again either. Within 3 to 5 years with *good behaviour* and paying her bills and getting her credit rating back up again, she could qualify for another mortgage. Her credit score will take a 250 point hit though if it forecloses.

    Regrettably credit is a competent danger assessment to teach who will pay on time and be to blame tenants. it may no longer mirror you 2 individually yet basic it somewhat works properly. try speaking to the hot landlord, often those with undesirable credit report can placed down a greater protection deposit as a thank you to make up for decrease back credit and eliminate the distinctive danger they are terrified of. additionally, see in the event that they're going to settle for strategies out of your cutting-edge landlord.

    CatDad is correct and yes Matthews is a community property State but since this is a debt that she acquired before your married it will not be your responsibility.

    If at all possible, try to get this through the courts BEFORE the wedding. California is a community property state, which means what's yours is hers and what's hers is yours (including real estate and debt!).

Cancelled credit cards before paying them off...?

  • Georgiana Torp
    Georgiana Torp
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    Mathew Bayer
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    Sydney Hansen
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    Sarah Rau
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    Felicita Bechtelar
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  • Marge Hickle
    Marge Hickle
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    Arvilla Kerluke
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