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    My bike was impounded and placed on a thirty day hold for a suspended license i was not riding at the time it was impounded i have a current and valid california drivers license , well they placed a thirty day hold on it, the thirty days has came and went they are saying there is no frame numbers on the frame of the bike , the sheriff dept released the buike and told me to goto the dmv to get it verified but i went down to pay for the thirty day hold it was 1100.00 i paid in cash yesterday today it was released by the cops, but the tow company is insistant i must have frame numbers and they will not let it go. the bike is a valuable harley davidson 1960. i have owned it since 1979 and have all the paperwork to prove ownership can the tow company keep my bike. because of this.

    Take this info to an HD Dealer and have it verified and notarized, then take it to the Police and have them verify and CALL the tow company and ORDER it released....... Mid 1930's - 1961 engine number is the VIN and is located on left case. no frame number First two numbers are the year Letters (up to four) are the model last numbers are the production number 1962 - 1969 engine number is the VIN and is located on left case. no frame number First two numbers are the year Letters (up to four) are the model last numbers are the production number If production number has four digits, the first number will be even if the year is even, odd if the year is odd If production number has five digits, the first two numbers will be even if the year is even, odd if the year is odd 1970 - 1980: Numbers on both frame and engine. From the factory, the numbers on the frame and engine matched exactly*. (There is an exception to this. See "The 1979 Exception" below). The legal vin number is on the frame. This is a little confusing and is where many people get into trouble. Contrary to what many people think, on any Harley Davidson® made from 1970 up, the title does not go with the engine. You could feasibly have mismatched numbers on the engine, (you can swap engines in your bike just like your car), and as long as the engine numbers have not been altered (read note below) or reported stolen it would be perfectly legal (although it may devalue the bike), But, the number on the title absolutely must match the frame. Example: you have a 1975 Shovelhead engine w/matching title in a custom frame with no numbers. If an educated cop checks the numbers, you are walking home. It will be confiscated on the spot. I know, I know, your ole' buddy Billy Bob has been runnin' a bike like that for years and he ain't never had no problems.......... Well guess what? I've known drug dealers, bike thieves, and prostitutes who have never been busted........sure doesn't mean what they were doin' was legal............Oh yeah, another thing relating to this, I have heard of some states ( Fl., Ca., Mi., etc. ) referred to as "frame states". As if to mean there are "engine states". or maybe "anything goes states" (admittedly, Alabama does come to mind).... No such thing. If you live in the U.S., your 1970 or later title better match your frame. But hey, You don't have to believe me..... When you're standing in the middle of the street, watching your bike swing from side to side on the back of a wrecker on it's way to the Police impound yard, just remember....... I TOLD YOU SO! First two digits are model code Third through seventh numbers are the production numbers (always five numbers over 10000) last two digits are the year code *The 1979 Exception Oddly enough, on some 1979 bikes the engine number did not match the frame number. For only about a month, starting on production date 1/9/79 frame VIN 43000H9 and ending with production date 2/7/79 frame VIN 48199H9, the engine was numbered with a "crankcase number" instead of the VIN. This number did not match the VIN in any way. The example "crankcase number" given to me was ten digits long, and was all numbers with no letters. It did not look like any H.D. number I had ever seen. After "input was received" that the new numbering system would raise suspicion from dealers, insurance agencies, owners, cops, etc., Harley went back to the old system. Obviously, the title numbers must still match the frame. Many thanks to Bagman for telling me about this, and sending me copies of the dealer service bulletin to verify it. 1981 and later: 17 digit vin# number on frame. abbreviated vin# on engine. Title must match the Frame number. Example: title and frame number is 1HD1BDK11BY123456. Engine # would be BDKB123456. All the things I said about 1970 - 1980 frame and engine legality apply here also.



    The tow company is full of **** they are trying to keep a rare classic, if the cops released the bike and you paid the bill and you can prove ownership the tow company is out of luck, sounds to me like they stole your bike go tell the cops you paid the fees, and cannot get your bike. If you have to file a lawsuit using an attorney, do it, but dont let some theiving *** tow company steal your bike got a full size van, park it with the truth painted on the side in front of the shop, call every new channel in town, get some one at the tv station interested in crooked tow companies, call radio stations, newspaper what ever, the more noise and bad advertising the shop gets, the better chance you have of getting your bike. do what you have to do

    Harley Davidson Engine Numbers

    On Harley models prior to 1961, the engine number acts as the VIN. This number can be found on the left side engine case. Harley models produced prior to 1969 do not carry any frame number! Beginning in 1970, Harley started stamping VIN numbers on both the frame and engine case. The only legal VIN number for Harley's produced after 1970 is on the frame. NO EXCEPTION! It doesn't matter if the engine case number matches your registration papers, if the frame VIN doesn't match the registration you have a problem!

    I don't think so, but then, my car was "vouchered" 24 days ago (similiar to impounded, but not the same thing) & they won't let me get the plates even, maybe not until November! And where I live there's NO transportation & I have to rely on my 72 year old Dad to take me on errands 2 - 3 days a week, and it takes most of his day when he has other things to do, it's SOOO frustrating! I already asked the police & there's NOTHING I can do except follow procedure! In the meantime, I can't even cancel the insurance, because in my state, if you do that & don't turn in the plates, your license gets suspended! But, I would think that you should be allowed your property that's in the car at least, and hopefully your plates too...Good Luck!

    The absolutely free reverse vin check sites generally provide fake information. To get real information, money will have to be paid. The free searches provide fake information so they can get your email address to send spam. Stay away from shady reverse vin check sites, most likely you won't get any information after you make the payment. Not to mention you won't get a report and you won't get an answer if you try to call for a refund. Stick with a reputable reverse vin check site like that has been around since 1995.

    Vtwindoc is absolutely correct about the numbers.However Calif. when i lived there assigned a matching engine and frame sticker that was added to the bike.My 1956 Panhead had a metal tag on the frame and the engine that Calif. put on my bike.My title had a FLH and a Shelby number assigned to it.I don't know if they still do that or not as i left there 27 years ago.I still don't believe that gives a tow company the right to try to keep your bike.If the cops released it take a cop with you to claim it.


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