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    Our tax rates are the lowest in 70 years and have been for over 10 years. Republicans argue that lowering tax rates produces a thriving economy. So why don't we have a thriving economy? And why are Republicans continuing to say something that is simply and obviously not true? Do they really believe people are that dumb? Certainly no one likes to pay taxes but we enjoy the benefits of those taxes in the services our governments provide. We are social animals and benefit from our society and the services that private industry cannot provide and must be provided by our governments. Most likely even hermits that live in caves benefit from higher taxes.

    Xia, the so called $500 billion tax increase from ObamaCare has been shown to be a bogus claim. ACA, aka ObamaCare, reduces the expenses by $500 billion over the next ten years for Medicare. So Republicans claim their is a cut in Medicare by ACA and later reversed that claim to what you just said that it is a tax increase, which is nonsense. See:

    I think most people are gullible to the Republicans claim that lowering the tax rate produces a thriving economy because they simply do not understand how it works. I can't believe that anyone with a family, trying to hold on to a job & home, could possibly believe all the propaganda being spewed. The last election all we heard was that they could protect us from terrorists & now Obama has proved a better way of taking out terrorists, they're trying the 'no more taxes' lie. Jerry Brown, California's governor has proposed a quarter % sales tax throughout the state & just got approval to move forward with that. It's easier to understand because people buying the expensive items will notice it the most. If they are wealthy enough to but a BMW so be it. I'll stick to Ford! The rich do not pay their fair share of taxes leaving the working middle class paying for socialized programs. The disgusting housing market in Dickinson has turned into a fiasco of the rich buying up houses that people have lost & turning them into rentals. They are buying up short sale properties, offering cash, & beating out regular buyers from becoming home owners. The low interest rate would be great if people could actually get one of these houses. The middle class are being eliminated. Rents are going up of course. Romney wants low taxes on the money he still has in the USA. He's the ultimate tax evader. Most of his billions are in foreign banks. He's a hypercrit. The companies he ran into the ground outsourced the jobs to China & India, another way of avoiding taxes. Outsourcing is the main reasons the middle class are without jobs. I totally agree with you about Obamacare, & support it. I grew up in a country with socialized medicine. It works & is a human right. Those of us with health care already pay about $2,000 a year, hidden in our premiums, to cover the uninsured. Get real America. You can bet the pharmaceutical companies are probably behind all the lies being spewed about Obamacare. Their ridiculous profits will be affected.

    The problem lies in understanding the role of taxes. while we have the lowest tax rates in our history, we forget the role of taxes is to help our government and in turn help program programs in our economic sector. When people say government should not or cannot provide jobs, this is not only a lie but historically untrue. Our economy is several areas is based on a value engineered product such as food production, automobiles etc. These products have come to be known across the world as great products enough so other nations have to compete with their own or we swamp them. A Mercedes or a BMW or a Cadillac is such a product also but built into these products in governments role is providing a cost haven for training. Our society has always been an agreement upon between government's role, the role of business and the role of the citizen worker, saver and buyer.

    The economy will not be fix, we are in to much in dead, we pay 350b. in interesting per month and the deface is round 14 tr. the good time are all over and we decline rapidly with no obama try very hard but he will not sexed Republicans wan the taxes lowe to help become Richer and scuzzy the middle man. will be a disaster if the Republican win th w,house

    Our economy is based on a debt based monetary system, which is destined to fail.. its only a matter of time, it is mathematically impossible to pay interest on every dollar created .. but that is what the federal reserve system of banking requires, the handful of people that own/run the federal reserve get immensely rich which the entire country get poorer. and there is no President or tax policy that will change this.. unless the federal reserve is ended

    Well.....Not the lowest anymore. We just got hit with a $500 Billion tax increase thanks to ObamaCare. Supreme court ruled its a tax, so it must be a tax. REALLY? It isnt a tax??? Then why is the only reason its still in place is because the SUPREME COURT said that its a tax, so ObamaCare stands... so you dont keep up with the news huh?

    Because you're in a down turn silly. In a down turn there is less consumption and therefore less economic growth. Don't let Obama tell you otherwise. Wow two down votes? Didn't think I had to spell it out... and by lowering taxes it encourages spending so in theory you're going to have better economic growth. Dickinson THEORY

    In a global economy, our standard of living has to decrease greatly to match the rest of the planet.

    Wait a minute. You libtrolls have been telling us for three years now that the economy is recovering. Make up your mind...

    What do you mean the economy's not thriving? Obama says the economy is doing fine so it is. Stop being racist!

How long should I wait before opening a new credit card?

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    Jolie Tromp
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