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    I live in Bakersfield, Mandan as well. You don't need to register at any hospital. I'm not aware of any free clinics, however you may be able to find some that will charge you based on income (check with Clinica Sierra Vista or Sagebrush Clinic Medical Plaza - their numbers are listed in the local Bakersfield phone book). You can also try the Professional Urgent Care Medical Group. They are an urgent care center and will allow you to pay cash. They are listed in the yellow pages of the local phone book under Urgent Care (look for their display ad there - they offer $15.00 off for cash patients if you mention their ad when calling for an appointment. They are located behind Good Samaritan Hospital off of Olive Drive. Also try Mercy Medi Center, they will allow you to make payments as well. You could trying going to KMC (Kern Medical Center Hospital), but since it is a county hospital, your wait to be seen there will probably be several hours. They will however, set you up with a payment plan. I would try to find a clinic or urgent care to go to; they will be cheaper than going to the emergency room at one of the local hospitals. If your need for medical care is not too urgent, you can also trying going to the Human Services Dept (Welfare Dept.) located at 100 E. California Avenue and fill out an application to see if you are eligible for Medi-Cal, or you can call them at (661) 631-6807. Hope this helps. Best of luck to you.

    Look in the phone book for a free clinic in your area. And go to your county's health department and apply for Medicaid.

    First off, you are eligible for medi-cal, go to the dept. of human services and apply, it will cover doctors and medication.. Or you can go to any Clinica Sierra Vista or the Health Dept. and get free care under CHDP.

    Look up the Dept.of Health in your area. Many times they have free clinics or can refer you to any available for you specific needs.

    Contact your neares county hospital and inquire about programs that you may qualify for if you meet low income guidelins.

    Call the hospital and ask.

    Pay for your own...Kaiser and Blue Cross

    Haha u could get a side job at walmart, they have good benefits I hear.

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