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    A father just wrote me. He had received a letter of demand from California Child Support Enforcement that he had been reported for not paying his child support by the mother of his children. Of interest, he's on payroll deduction, and the employer has the canceled checks. He is fortunate that this was not an out of state claim. Had it been from another state, they would have simply attached and drained his accounts, before asking for evidence that he was paying. Archbold Arizona, I have a father that's been hit with five of those, from five different states. I get several of these reports a week, and I'm at a bit of a lose of what can be done about them. These mothers are telling all that the father is not paying, when he is, and the states automatically believe them, adding the claim to the reports they make to the media of non-payment of support. I have to wonder just how many of these cases are out there that I never hear about. There seems to be no laws against making these allegations, even officially, causing an enforcement to start. An unnecessary cost to the tax payers. Yes, there are fathers in arrears, however most is because they don't know that the states provide free legal help to get a reduction in their payments when they get laid off, and a lot of father have been laid off in recent years. What do you think should be done about mothers claiming to not getting their child support. Should their names and pictures be placed in the newspaper, and on web sites so that people will know not to believe them?

    This is way I always advise people to go through child support services, to keep paper work, and document every phone call. (keep a note pad by the phone!) There are laws regarding making false claims like that but you have to know what the law is in your state. I am a mother who didn't get child support for years, when I hear about women scamming and lying it pisses me off to no end. Mainly because it makes us all look bad, the reason we have such a bad stigma about single mothers is because there are some bad ones out there that just want the cash. Most women are not like that; therefore, I believe that women that do that should go to jail, they should at the very least be subject to the same punishments as fathers that don't pay. I don't believe that their names and photos should be posted I think that is going too far, since we don't even post the names and photos of men who don't pay in the local news.

    We don't have this problem because government databases are integrated. A few swift keystrokes determine whether or not court mandated child support payments are being made or not. The government often has remedies at their disposal to correct this problem. If the person with physical custody is so impoverished that they need to apply for welfare all other options are automatically, aggressively pursued in order to avoid this. It doesn't need to be all that complicated, there just needs to be a system of checks and balances put into place. You guys need to get your burocratic stuff together. Clerical errors such as you have alluded to can be largely avoided when government agencies "speak" to eachother; it is imperative that they do. Good luck.

    The State of California falsely tells its citizens that they owe all kinds of payments. They'll assess taxes people don't owe, just to see who pays, and forces the others to prove that they don't. If women are committing fraud by falsely claiming a debt that's not actually owed them, there are existing laws to deal with it. There are also existing ways to investigate and prosecute it. Fraud doesn't magically turn into a whole different kind of crime just because it involves child support.

    All he has to do is tell the court to take the child support strait from his pay-check before he gets it. That way he never has to worry about being accused. If the court takes the money from his pay check right away, than she cannot accuse him of not paying, she has to accuse the court. If he truly has been paying, than it is no big deal to do this.

    Is it not possible that the state has made an error and sent the payments to the wrong address or something like? clerical errors are common.

    If he owes child support and he doesn't pay it, for whatever reason, the child support will be taken out of his income tax return.

    You might find help with that from this website:

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