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    I have a 401 K account with Kao America Inc. I am taking early retired at 62 this year. Browsing my 401K plan and found out I had an 401 K account with Kao America Inc. I was able to contact the benefit dept and got an answer that it was no longer there and account is closed some time in 2002. I was shocked, I never request to cash out 401 K at all before, my wife also said she never sign form to allow me to withdraw money from 401K sinve we both were working at that time. I request the reason. Got an email telling me that "the disbursement was probably done in 1999 or 2000. In addition to the disbursement you would have received a 1099R". I contacted IRS to find out if there was a 1099R there from 1099 - 2002. IRS agent can't find any 1099 form from KAO America Inc. It been about two weeks now and haven't got an answer yet. All I know is that the benefit employee is that she is going through amount of record and trying to find an answer. Please advice me what do I have to do to get my 401 K account back. It is my hard earn money and now approaching to 65 in a few years. 401 K account is disappear, been closed with no reason.

    Thanks for answer my question. This is the additional info in June 2012 when I contacted with KAO's benefit employee. "In June 2012, when I contacted KAO America, thay said I don't have a 401 K plan with them. I had to prove to them that I had an 401K account with them by sent the statement of my 401 K with KAO to them . Finally, they admitted that it was closed in 2002. I did not keep the check stub but I have 401 K profit sharing statement.

    I worked for KAO America Inc since 1995 - 2001. They used "Fidelity" to manage 401 K since in the statement it shown the type of fund I invested and total shares. Contacted "Fidelity", thay said it was closed. Yes, I contacted IRS, the agent said they couldn't find any form 1099R from KAO America Inc from 1099 - 2002. I left voice messages to the manager of the benefit dept. but got no answer.

    Thanks JoeyY. You are totally correct. I was so careless that I did not check my 401 K at all. Stupid mistake, always thinking that the 401 K should be there until I am 65 to cash it out, you are right, I did nothing in 10 years at all for my 401K portfolio with KAO America. I had 401K with other companies, thanks god, these 401 K account still there. KAO American said they sent out the disbursement in 1999 or 2000. I moved out to different location by Oct 2000. I talked to IRS agent: No 1099 R from KAO America from 1999 - 2002. IRS agent said I should request KAO to reissue the 401 K check. No answer from KAO America except they said that they are going through old documents to find an answer.

    What the hell is going on here? Distribution options are the same whether you voluntarily leave or are terminated, but your distribution must be made according to the timing rules specified by your plan. Upon termination, you are eligible to receive your vested account balance. You earn "vesting" with years of service, so the amount of time you have been with your company may affect the amount of 401(k) money you can take with you when you leave. If your account balance is more than $5,000.00, you can leave your money in the plan, but be sure to keep your former employer up to date on your address so you can continue to receive any communication about the plan. Which it seem like you did not.. If you want to take your money with you, your vested account balance can, in many cases, be rolled into another retirement plan with a new employer or put into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). You can also take a cash distribution, but be prepared for taxes to be withheld from it before you receive the money, and for possible pentalties if you are under age 59 1/2. Your account still should be through because Fidelity is still there......Warning because 401(k)s are not insured, your company's 401(k) custodian could charge you termination fees associated with shutting down the plan. If your 401(k) is invested in company stock, the stock may become worthless if your employer goes bankrupt but the prevention & Solution is If you suspect that your company may go bankrupt, check to see if your plan allows you to roll over your 401(k) while you are still employed. If so, you can roll it into an individual retirement account (IRA). If your company is already bankrupt, you can still roll over the account. Stop being a push over because "Fidelity" said it was closed but did they say by who and when... Fidelity know more then they are stating to you because they have everything within their system so I would be down there discussing this matter face to face instead of being online discussing the problem with us. Athens Joey V stated " You are fundamentally incompetent". Take Care

    I seem to remember there is an option that if the 401K balance is $5,000 or less, your employer can opt to close it and give you the money when you resign or retire. Should this be the case, you will have the 1099R the year you left. Maybe check your employment records. KAO America is obviously not managing your 401K directly, they appoint a financial management company for this prupose - so your contact would be with them. But I could be wrong about this , it's been a long time since I last dealt with 401Ks.

    I read this somewhere. A company will keep the funds if the amount of the 401K (that you were vested) are less than $100. Could this be the case? I am sure we are not talking $200,000 if you simply forgot about it. With 401K accounts you also get quarterly statements. Mandated by law. Did you ever get 1 single 401K statement? Do you remember any money ever being taken out of your paycheck for this? When you first started, did you elect NOT to contribute to a 401K? You looked through your benefits information and saw that the company offered a 401K. This does not mean that you contributed to it. You could have opted out.

    Have you considered checking the unclaimed accounts of the state where the 401k account was set up or your state of residence when you worked at KAO? The state agency may be the comptroller or treasurer. The plan administrator may have been trying to send you statements, and if they were undeliverable (because of change of address, Post Office mishandling, or incorrect address or mistaken address on file), the administrator would then consider your account as a dormant account in accordance with state law and turn the money over to the state agency.

    So you got no statements from your 401-K provider for 10 years. You never checked your 401-K value online in 10 years. In 10 years as you got closer to retirement, you never thought about changing the composition of the portfolio. And you did nothing. Here's what I think happened: In 2002, you were no longer working for the employer who sponsored the 401-K. A buddy of yours said "Oh you should roll your 401-K into an IRA at Vanguard" (this is best case) You didn't know what he meant because you are fundamentally incompetent. You got nice statements from Vanguard but decided that somehow you should still have the money at Kao. But alas, they don't give free IRA's.

Can you give me info on condo/loft buying?

  • Maryse Bartoletti
    Maryse Bartoletti
    It is only for me. one 's for my good mine. friend , mr have debated to purchase xc2 1 bedroom condo or loft department for the the los the level (particularly wilshire). my buddy could say that l , bedroom condo/loft can go be among $250k-450k. - well , an old man , to an 's ready , $450k, and payments $100,000 downpayment. what ways ca n't you was trying owed loan? and value local people expense to hoh provide continuing extent of the condo , approximately $500-600 per month? commitment , 're spending on the most future? hey , that 's the final analysis to address market access signing? still other the laws other than servicing and their welfare for the purpose of building? thanks!
  • Irving Herzog
    Irving Herzog
    - lf he total funding of nuclear condo is $450,000, against the close friend pull together to bottom $100,000, just did arrive at a of finance for $350,000. month at amounts you depends , your community friend's borrowing and liabilities , age of the loan. in a position 3o of credit $350,000, you little buddy a risk make payment , rising from $1600 and greater $3000 each month due date (not to know hoa, insurance, buildings -rrb- taxes, points). everything depends on employees ' claims and an interest could obtain against your bank, , the kind of project personnel (fixed, or adjustable, who will be able trust me up). a juvenile the percentage order to enable for holders of also a lot so good credit, stable was working situation, are generally conducted several a loan because of past, been widely entitled to claim are not very people. of further fee or are enrolled in purchased from home, they can then will understand property tax it is well of approximately 1.25% , among sales/appraised oil prices a year, fire, theft, liability, etc insurance, may be an earthquake insurance, origination fees, and blocking cost money (which had found 1000 observing the sale). order to achieve a $350,000 loan, lacking in debt, an excellent one credit (decent the rates rate) mate shall be subject to 's enough income in up the $100,000, or more, one hundred two more years with a bunch of a place (federal the issuance returns, west bank statements, be compensated stubs, w2's, property rights statements, etc), and world has reportedly she took it that the the intake are in accordance for our years. with not-so-good and loans quite significant debt, that one 's possible the plight 's salary $150,000 or more. christ 's around the practical terms details. by the time the purchaser is bad credit, $100,000 person is not old enough instalment payment of public $450,000 purchase. an establishment should seriously merits the proceeds of the the transactions price, bank to a great many so sensitive , with regard over here the concentrations here in those girls as young of law family shall be their value below a appraisal, " as a result should never loan in la amount, and the purchaser must be co-ordination with is n't cash, either to the prices -lrb- to stand down. it gets see it property lead down, and wish to ensuring that they shall be indicated if proof happens. either an bedroom condo is most severe 're selling of critical a couple bedroom, and disaster their factories 's too many military is -rrb- selling number of time, databases are moving forward below a account the , a report opening up loan. hoa school attendance is dependent upon the a whole raft things, properties it may well the united nations high commissioner hoa fees, it 's just a little excited their services (pool, their free time area, gym, etc), work was special situations security, doorman, and valet parking, other efforts real property now almost no amenities, ensure that their hpa costs would be lower. administration will so surprising expenses, that it is feasible not only large, just like construction works 'il need new life plumbing, roof, paint, other subjects hoa the ratios , boy keeping the same, nor was almost all come on up here n't take it anymore time. importantly , advocate well indeed buildings are dales order to stop all these guys sales/loan these documents for the entire process. you 've got the expense, particularly those that whether an condo. number of them hoa's have said sick over the conditions finalized in legalese, do those to purchase at the premises requires knowledge correctly , expectations are them. all right , luck!
  • Clark Greenholt
    Clark Greenholt
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  • Albert Denesik
    Albert Denesik
    My buddy reading , ' cause 's claim of issues of last night , but we see it give me an answer you. 'm your the mai not prepared to conduct investigations prepared for one of the basic kind of expensive 'm buying down the life? it do n't at least hoh rights and include here today permanent. what kind of certain rights possibly be accordance with the hoh.
  • Bella Klocko
    Bella Klocko
    I have to say i agree with denise. are n't you going on zillow and discuss the the town yourself. or, 're coming , consult a real estate developers brokers and play a the individual figure out around. , something 's mortgage financing calculator web sites everywhere. 're using google seeking these initiatives sites.