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    Alright so, my friend already has one baby (who's 2) she is 19. Her current issue is that she is pregnant again and cant afford a second child. (I don't want to hear ANY crap about how she cant take care of her kid, because she can) We talked about how I could adopt her second. I'd be 20 by the due date, I'm single, and I have a stable job with a good (actually, great) income. I can afford to take care of this baby and I'm willing/want to. My question is, can I, legally adopt this child in the state of California?

    I live in Barberton too and its a big maybe. the court was reluctant to give me guardianship of a girl who had been living with me for 2 1/2 years already and who i knew for over 5 years just because i was only 23 at the time. i don't qualify to adopt her because my income is low and i can't afford the fees (last i checked it would be around 5 grand without a lawyer but as much of the law i learned i would say you need a lawyer). also there is the fact that you need the fathers consent too otherwise it could take years to finalize the adoption fighting to terminate his rights and at any point it could fall through and you eat the loss financially. you would do better to bring her to your local human services dept she will qualify for much more as a household of 3. food/medical/cash/child care/ its all there and easy to get. also you might look for a pregnancy crisis center like in my area that gives free clothes/diapers/ cribs etc to any one who asks regardless of income.

    Are you ready to lose your friendship? How do you think she will feel when her child who looks like her sister calls you mom? You need to help her to support her by babysitting when she works, seeking benefits, ask church etc. Your goal should be that your friend does not have to give up her child. Legally you can adopt if you pass the home study assuming the agency think you are old enough (it's legal from 18 but they prefer you be 21-25). Most likely is she relieved the child will be close to her instead of in a closed adoption but she will be grieving her child and it's your obligation as her friend to help her to keep it. That should be your priority, not to take her child away. You are not doing her a favor.

    She could give legal custody to anyone over the age of 18. Legally, sure. But make sure you're ready to ALWAYS have her be a part of your life. She will always be the mother of that child, always have her blood coursing through it's veins, etc. But you should let her know that there are TONS of contraceptives out there and she should learn how to use them.

    Please have her check out the program Safe Families for Children. It provides a way for her to have her child/children temporarily taken care of in a safe home while she gets her life in order, while SHE maintains all legal custody. It is available in CA.

    Talk to a lawyer. If both parties are willing and can agree it should be pretty easy. Good luck!

    Don't take responsibility for another person's mistake, is the way I look at it.

Is a down payment on a car refundable?

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    Madisen Koch
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    Makenzie Gaylord
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    Carolina Pollich
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    Karli Cummings
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