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    I recently went to MEPS and after 3 continuous days I was able to get my NAVY CTN rate that I so badly wanted. I have a clean background; I've been cleared for a California Guard Card twice and worked for the Batavia Sheriffs Department for 2 years which required an extensive background check. My problem is that I was recently Laid- Off from my job as an Intern at a Financial firm. 2 other employees were also let go but they were more disgruntled and decided to delete contact lists, company files, marketing material on their computers before leaving. I left on good terms, but just a few days ago I received a notice from my previous employer that "I had attempted/proceeded to delete company files on my computer, though everything was recovered." It's completely unfounded as I left my computer untouched after I was given the notice to leave the premises. The letter I received was from the In-House legal attorney claiming that I had 'attempted' to do this though theres no real evidence to support their claims and they admitted that everything was recovered. My question is how should proceed after receiving this notice and will this affect my background investigation for Top Secret clearance because I consider it to be 'defamation of character' and 'libel'? I have a clean background, no drug usage, good credit and feel that this minor accusation may lead to problems during my background investigation. Can anyone out there help me?

    Red, the responder above is absolutely CORRECT and she deserves the 10 points here. I would merely add that when you send the letter to your former employer you address it directly to the Department and/or Department Head from which it came. That you send it Certified mail with a return receipt showing specifically "who signed for the letter and date". Also, retain the purchase receipt from the U.S. Post Office as well - you will do this in the event this thing turns out mean later and DO NOT lose any of this. Sign your letter in Blue Ink as an ensurance that the signature is in a different color from the type set within the letter (black ink is difficult anymore to determine as to whether the the letter is an original signed or copy; Blue Ink will dispell any considerations should this matter later proceed to a court). This is both a defamation of character and is definitely libelous. I also recommend that while you still have the account fresh in your memory you record on paper (word document on the computer) every single step you took from the time you realized you were being released from your former employer until the day you left; make/create a journal as well from memory as to the time you arrived in the office and the times of your likely breaks and then departure of the day (this goes NOWHERE but to your files). This too is an insurance to the fact that you assume the worst (that it ends up in court) and keep the detailed account merely for YOUR records. The letter to the former employer should not be more than 3 paragraphs with a courteous beginning and ending (you are assuming this all ends up in front of attorneys and a court of where it matters). The matter will likely be corrected but you will trust NO ONE who is currently employed with the company and you will talk to NO ONE who is currently employed there either within the course of this activity. This will not affect your TS with the Navy but be prepared that you may have to submit your detailed account of the event that you made (or will make) for your records. In this case I would do two versions; one that is considered for courts with greater detail and the other that proves your innocence in order to convince your future clearance level. TS levels are tough to come by these days; Post 9/11 the detail is/can be excrutiating. Not gaining the TS as a result of your former employer should automatically set the "alarm off". If this is the case then you WILL FOIA request your investigation to prove it was your former employer that caused this to be incurred by you; you will then consult with several different attorneys to discuss (rates can be up to $225 per hour and these normally last a 1/2 hour; be prepared to speak in short cursory and effective sentences and pay the rate up front with cash; ask for receipts from all you visit). All the best and thank you for your service! Semper Fidelis, Gerry D.

    In the short run, I'd write a well-worded and polite but succinct letter to the attorney at your former employer explaining that you had done no such thing and that you consider the unfounded accusation defamation of your character which could have bearing on your future employability and earnings, and that you would highly appreciate if they would drop any record of such an accusation from your file, if they have retained one on you. Request that they let you know when they have done so. Don't go all out and threaten a lawsuit or anything unless you have a good lawyer buddy. The letter should suffice. Keep a copy of both the original notice and your response to it for your records. In the long run, as far as your clearance goes, there is room on the application form to explain out exactly what happened. Yes, they will check in with each of your employers, but they understand that your employer will only tell one side of a story and that people do get accused of things they haven't done. You'll likely be fine. Just keep those copies with you and submit them with the application if necessary.

    Right it incredibly is the plus part Mike; you're saying you probably did a number of this from 18-21 and that i've got seen a individual get a secret clearance with economic irresponsibility because of the fact they found out that they had tousled on credit enjoying cards, have been given way in over their head and prevented dealing with it for a quick volume of time. They then found out their blunders and had began paying on those undesirable bills in the previous they ever were put in a place that required them getting a clearance. because of the fact they might teach a historic past of that and how that they had have been given their existence back so as and on-music they have been given one after a while. A good secret clearance may well be so plenty extra problematic and probability is against you for that reason to boot as your recruiter having you lie on the workplace work and you going alongside with it. it is the destructive part of this and on a similar time as you have been purely doing what your recruiter informed you to do he grew to become into incorrect to try this to boot incorrect to have you ever do what you probably did. Recruiters like that are between the excuses why you won't be able to believe all of them and what they say and do and why some human beings have such destructive critiques of them. in case you won't be able to show a enormously good attempt and previous historic past on paying issues that alongside with what the different aspects right here incredibly places you in a topic of only approximately no probability in any respect of having a TS clearance. maximum jobs although require purely a secret clearance so as that must be on your want and you ought to success out. on a similar time the human beings who make those judgements do no longer stay in a vacum and understand that Michigan has had plenty turmoil econmically because of the lack of jobs and industry.

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