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    Where do you get your facts to say that they always have cash and don't complain about the recession? a recession affects everyone...they pay rent, phone, and other bills just like everyone else.. so I fail to see the truth in what you are asking. but I'll answer to a few Ignorant and a the BIg ignorant being Joel W, I keep reading his ignorance all over the forum. First, Raul: I'll quote you..."I guess when your too busy crying racism, claiming discrimination, coming up with tons of pathetic excuses why you think breaking immigration laws is acceptable, you don't have time to complain about the economy. Pop out a couple of legal anchor babies, and the welfare check roll in, money ain't a problem then." My answer to you: If that solves their problem then you are the worlds dumbest person because if you know what solves their problem about recession and you don't do the same, who is being ignorant? try making up your own pathetic excuses and maybe recession won't affect you or you wont have time to complaint about it.... you see the ignorance in your answer? !! Second, Popping out "anchor" babies Sex is the most natural thing in the world, here in China, Irak, everywhere..if becoming pregnant and having a family is a crime then let's complaint to GOD about that.. ignorant again.. and last you said..They have a Welfare Check Rolling in... Here’s a quote from the California Department of Social Services: “Non-citizens who are in the U.S. temporarily, such as students, are not eligible.” Illegal immigrants are not eligible. Period. DUDE please if you're so uneducated please don't let others know about it !!!! ======================================... LOWBALL mentioned, I'll quote..."Probably because the government isn't involved in the robbery of their paycheck." My answer to you: I mentioned this in another post, I'll mention it here again, .."they have to use fake Blacklick Estates therefore, they do get a paycheck, so they get deductions taken from the check which they never see any return from taxes because they can't do a Tax return. So where are the Billions taken from them? so I hope you are educated just a little bit from this ;) !! ======================================... AND to PAPA Ignorant Joel W ... let me quote you.."They sell party drugs to fools. Sadly, mostly in the Hispanic Neighborhoods." My answer to you: I answered a stupid comment of yours similar to this one in another place, but let me refresh your very little mind... USA is the world largest drug consumer so much so that marijuana is close to being legalized, have you heard of HOLLYWOOD, where some of the most famous and richest people live, now you are really going to tell me that illegals are the ones selling most of the drugs there and that's why they have money all the time. but yet in another place you complained about them taking all the jobs..make up your mind !!!! are they taking the jobs to make money or ar they selling all the drugs to make money!!! or are you just like most of the people here that answer and ask just to try to fit in with what's most popular? if you have no capacity for thinking, and are just willing to blindly follow the crowd. It has been my experience that following the crowd will often put you on what you think is the "winning team", but it doesn’t make you right. actually makes you less because you have no idea what you are talking about, but yet you are trying to educate others with your ignorance!!!! but if you have your own voice will let you develop your own personality and automatically make you a winner ;) hope you learn from this!!!

    Whatever you call these people, "undocumented immigrants", "undocumented workers", "illegal aliens", "uninvited guest" doesn't matter - They are CRIMINALS pain and simple, wrongful entry on lands of another. None of them deserve amnesty and none have earned the privilege to become a US Citizens, it is an huge insult and disrespect to all those who fought, worked, waited and slaved to earn the privilege to become a citizen of the United States of America. and CRIMINALS don't complain about unemployment or recession because it doesn't stop them from committing illegal acts.

    It's hard for undocumented immigrants to find the job that they want and a job that makes good money. Thats why its not fair towards them and they are stuck working for minimum wage while other "citizens" are making a lot of money. so they shouldn't complain. I hope the "illegal alien" thing is going to stop soon, its unfair and its a disgrace. where's amnesty?!

    They work 10 hour days and many of the central and south American countries pay like $3 a day. THe cost of living is much higher so the kids have to work too to make it work. Let me see any illegal can go to any bank of america and open an account without the need for documents that Americans are required to have. I find it disturbing he indicates the kids also have to work so would this be the sole intent of having children ,so they can bring in income, as it is the parents are not capable of making it on their own, so do they have additional family members in order to bring in income ? Would this not be the same policy here, to have kids and under the income guidelines in America their kids instead of having to work, need only to apply for public assistance to bring in additional income with welfare and food stamps for the child, but in reality this income is used for the entire family and it would be fair to say many illegals become dependent on gov assistance and have kids for purposes of income, if this is a way of life in Mexico why would it be different here ? Any illegal working for minimum wage pay cannot afford the standard of living required here and is this why many families live 5-10 families to one home. To indicate illegals are somehow very different from the rest of the human race without ever complaining . They sure do a lot of complaining over our laws, over not being allowed to get a drivers license, over not getting citizenship, over not getting free college educations up to age 35 and many point out the law says this, the law also says it's against Federal law to grant in state tuition to illegals but these laws are ignored in places like Calif where the laws mean nothing.It sure looks like a lot of complaining went on when the illegals took to the streets waving the flags of Mexico while demanding amnesty and when their marches accomplished nothing a lot of complaining sure went on then and now

    A large majority of them don't have credit cards so they don't overextend themselves like most Americans. Since they don't have cards they carry cash and are a bit more careful with it. They don't complain as much because they are grateful to have any job at all. Most Americans will say, well I was making $20 an hour at my old job so I can collect unemployment for X amount of months at 60% of my wages so I won't really look for a job paying less than $12 per hour, hell it would not be worth it cuz they owe that much...... Mexicans will work for 8 per hour or sometimes less if there is no work. My American friend waited religiously by the computer for over 14 months hoping to hear about jobs he had applied for within his field. None came. One of these undocumented people were out shoveling snow off the walks for days and he earned his rent while he was out of work. Many of them come from countries where you don't have hot water to bath in, they don't have clean water to drink and most of the time their diet in their country consists of tortillas, eggs, veg and beans and once in a while some meat. They work 10 hour days and many of the central and south American countries pay like $3 a day. THe cost of living is much higher so the kids have to work too to make it work. Many of them don't know what a stable environment is because they change jobs every 6 months or so when the SS # information does not match they go buy another card and change companies. Since they are not a spoiled they appreciate things more than we do.

    All immigrants are documented by law! Illegal aliens as they are called in the law books and in the court rooms is the correct term for those who boldly disrespect immigration laws! Then why are home depots filling up, why are more committing crimes and going to jail. Why are so many special interest groups boo hooing that these poor illegals are not getting hired because of their criminal status. Using the race card as some sort of defense. Bullshat!

    I guess when your too busy crying racism, claiming discrimination, coming up with tons of pathetic excuses why you think breaking immigration laws is acceptable, you don't have time to complain about the economy. Pop out a couple of legal anchor babies, and the welfare check roll in, money ain't a problem then.

    Alot of hispanics come to america illegaly because they dont have money to pay to come here and they need to support there familys still they always have money because alot of the time thiers 2 or 3 familys living in the same house and all of them work and have a smaller portion of bills to pay so they can send money back home to support their familys just because thier mexican and have money dont mean they are selling drugs and this is coming from a white us citezen :)

    Same reason gang members don't complain about the economy and always have cash on them, do I need explain that any further?

    Probably because the government isn't involved in the robbery of their paycheck.

Financially...what is the best way to buy my first home ?

  • Maureen Klein
    Maureen Klein
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  • Jordane Aufderhar
    Jordane Aufderhar
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  • Marge Heaney
    Marge Heaney
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  • Rahsaan Doyle
    Rahsaan Doyle
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  • Hassan Jaskolski
    Hassan Jaskolski
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  • Mortimer Rutherford
    Mortimer Rutherford
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  • Caitlyn Gorczany
    Caitlyn Gorczany
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