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    I was "sub renting" a room in a large house and the leaseholder recentally deceased. I've been moved out a month now and still no word on my deposit. When I moved in I was under the impression this women owned the house, turns out she was only renting but had lived there 10 years. I cleaned up & moved out almost immeaditally after her passing. Her family member did my final walk threw inspection and was happy with the condition I left the room in. The family member said they would contact me about my deposit in a month after the "estate sale" I finally got back intouch and he clameshe us not responsable for my landloards debts and that I need to file a clame with "probate" in Boulder Bristolville (I live in California)!! The only info I have is the case #. I didn't sign anything upon moving in but I do have Copys of the checks(s). Some was paid in cash.. A total of $800.

    The estate had 21 days to get you your deposit. It is not dependant on any estate sale, only when you moved out. The estate now owes you 2400. You can file a claim with small claims court in the county the house is in and serve the estate by mail in CO, or pay for live service, but mail would be easier.

    You will need to check with your state laws. I live in Michigan, and under the security deposit act, a landlord may not unlawfully hold your security deposit without a specific purpose. I.E.) The use of security deposits is governed by Michigan P.A. 348,1972. Your lease cannot waive any of your rights under the Security Deposit Act. A security deposit has a specific purpose: to reimburse the landlord for damage to the rental unit, unpaid rent, or unpaid utility bills left by the tenant. (See "Security Deposit.")

Who else is sick of your being judged by your credit score?

  • Lauretta Pouros
    Lauretta Pouros
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  • Jackie Weber
    Jackie Weber
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  • Junius Stehr
    Junius Stehr
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  • Brooks Champlin
    Brooks Champlin
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  • Elvie Braun
    Elvie Braun
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  • Providenci Wyman
    Providenci Wyman
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  • Sharon Fay
    Sharon Fay
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  • Queenie Schmeler
    Queenie Schmeler
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  • Aaliyah Hickle
    Aaliyah Hickle
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  • Murl Rau
    Murl Rau
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  • Esteban Rodriguez
    Esteban Rodriguez
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  • Cheyanne Bartell
    Cheyanne Bartell
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  • Hailee Schiller
    Hailee Schiller
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  • Conor Kertzmann
    Conor Kertzmann
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