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    I recently filed for unemployment with the state of California I was on active duty for the army national guard training for the passed year and was released from my active duty service back to my guard status for completing necessary training. I had filed and received a notice of unemployment insurance award which granted me benefits of 374$ a week, 9 days after they send me a notice of amended unemployment insurance with the weekly benefit amount at 0$ .I'm trying to figure out wether they just are not making any changes to my current award or did they completely take away my initial notice of award.?any help would be great getting through to the edd is quite a ridiculous process thank you

    A computer awarded you $374. A person looked at it and saw that there was a mistake, the actual amount is $0 Do not cash any checks that might come, you will have to pay it back.

    If (1) you worked either out of state or for the federal government, (2) the original letter said you were not "monetarily" eligible because you had not worked (or had not worked enough) during your base period, and (3) the original letter was called "Notice of Unemployment Insurance Award", then ignore the first letter; this second letter replaces it, and do not file the appeal. If either (a) your only work in the last 18 months was in Brunswick and not for the federal government, (b) the original letter that said you were not eligible did say use the word "monetarily" to describe the type of ineligibility, or (c) the reason that it gave was something other than how much you had worked, then you need to continue with the appeal. The notice of award says how much you would receive if you were eligible. It is sent whether or not you are eligible. It indicates only whether you are monetarily eligible, not that any other eligibility requirements have been resolved.

    As long as you were employed for the period of time required to receive unemployment benefits I dont see how they could amend your benefits. You should call the claims number and speak to a rep. and they will tell you everything. Im from Brunswick so the laws might be different in CA.

    Do not call the claims number, or any other number. Contact EDD through "Ask EDD" form at without using the telephone.

    They're completely taking it away.

I have a lot of money but I can't get a credit card. Help?

  • Clare Boyle
    Clare Boyle
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  • Rachael Kub
    Rachael Kub
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  • Kristina Rohan
    Kristina Rohan
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    Paige Schuppe
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  • Estevan Goyette
    Estevan Goyette
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