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    Just to let all of you honest,hard working people out there know, my Husband and I were in California 5 months ago. We put all expense monies into my Checking acct. We thought it would be safer than carrying cash. Anyway, long story made short. My Debit card was copied and luckily my Bank(Huntington) was on it with the quickness. Someone tried to use it recently(within) the past couple of weeks. I was notified and sent a new card. Todays' Lesson is: Never give a Restaurant your Card to carry away. You take it to the counter and swipe it yourself. I should have known better. Shame on me. Be very careful! We live in Ohio and I am so thankful we didn't have to have telephone conferences over what could have been a mess. Hats off to the bank for knowing that we were home and not in California.

    One of my credit card numbers was fraudulently used (coincidentally while in California). The last place I remembered using the card was to swipe at O'Hare airport for Cincinnati to get my boarding pass. It might have been a simple mistake. But somebody tried to use it to order 3 sets of flowers (using the wrong name). So my bank immediately put a hold on the card and rejected an attempted purchase at an on-line travel agency. The only charge I had to dispute was $208 charged at a Berwin, Cincinnati drugstore while I was out of state (and had my card on me). That charge was dropped. There was a report of some Chicago area (south suburban) restaurants recording and using credit card numbers.

    No it's never happened to me. I work for a bank and see this EVERYDAY. It's a very common thing. Many times the bank will status your card as compromised just as a precaution (it may not have been copied). If a location/merchant has been identified or is under investigation for card copying, your bank will stat your card. The magnetic strips on the cards are pretty easy to copy. Many times your card can be copied while you are using it. Ex: you swipe it at a gas station enter your pin and everything seems fine. What you don't know is that terminal you used is a 'dummy' terminal and it just captured your card info. It sounds scary, but there is not much you can do. The best way to keep your account safe is to periodically change your PIN and always monitor your account. Warning signs that you may have used a "dummy" terminal are; you get a weird error message after entering your PIN, the transactions says approved but you check your account and see no record of it, or the merchant has you try one terminal, and after you put your PIN in he/she tells you to try a different terminal, because they are having trouble with this one. If any of these things happen, go get a new card and change your PIN.

    No, but my bank is excellent. One of the perks of living in a small town. They know us. Discover is really good too. They called me when I first used the card, when we were down south on vacation. I'm glad you got it straightened out. There are skimmers that scammers sometimes put on the "swipe" slot that records bank card numbers. You can see them if you look.

    Fifty six cents on flippin shims. I even don't have any earthly idea how a lot something like that is going to fee. i purely anticipate they are gonna completely beef me contained in the bum. no longer on the present time. strange!

Someone please help. I just graduated college and am debt free.?

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