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    My ex has his child support taken out of his paycheck (CHP officer) by the court in California. But, they take so long in processing it I don't my child support check until the middle of the month. We have both agreed it would be better for him to just pay me directly. But I have no idea what form to use. I have gone to two lawyers and two paralegal services with no luck. Help.

    By Law the employer must send the deductions taken from his check the same day or Cleveland might be with in 3 days of his pay date. I would check with the CHP officer to find out what dates the account received payment and what was the date of the check sent by his employer. NEVER STOP THIS... It is your only garentee not to say he wont pay but if something happened and he got behind CHP will be able to recover. CASH PAYMENTS outside of court is concidered gifts and not support payments.

    You can't get it changed. He is a state employee and that is the way they do it, most State employees only get paid once a month, at the end of the month and it take a couple of weeks to process child support payments, that is why you get it in the middle of the month. I can only suggest that he go and talk with the the State CHP personell board and see what they can do.

    Solid success....a chum of mine agreed to the garnishment whilst he divorced or maybe whilst he moved out of state and it replaced into taking continually for money to get to his ex the court docket would not budge. That replaced into 8 years in the past and that they simply took his final garnishment. i've got confidence you're caught with this. Sorry

    Most states will not accept the type of arrangement you are talking about here -- if your husband gives you money every month, it would be considered a gift, not child support. it's not your fault that other people who don't bother to pay child support and try to hide from it, or get out of it have ruined it for the rest of us.

    Stay with the state. That way you know the check will arrive. Perhaps you need to look at your budget to see why you have to live from check to check.

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    Keyon Walsh
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    Francesco Crist
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