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    I posted an apt. On craigslist and got some emails that say pretty much the same thing. They all start with +44 703 etc. etc. And they say they want to live there for a year with their wife and child. I was wondering if this was a scam? I believe it is cause I got two that say this. But what do they get out of it? Thanks so much

    Sorry I forgot to mention that I live in CAlifornia and the two people said they are from the UK and are coming over on business for a year, and everything sounds similar, they want me to send them a lease to look over and stuff. The thing i don't get is that they said they will send me a check so its not like they are asking for my bank account but is this a scam?

    Peeps has it right, other then an international check/money order takes 3-4 weeks to clear, not 1. This is a typical Nigerian scam. "We are coming, but for some weird reason we need to pay you much more then you want. Can you please cash the higher check and send the remainder to some other weird address." They may not be asking this in email 1 but they will get to it after you take the bait. Tell them that you require funds to be WIRED to you and you won't hear from them again. You can't fake a wire, and there is no reason that money can not be directly wired to not only you, but this other person they want cash sent to.

    Probably a scam. Look at the emails carefully, phishers use generic emails, they say nothing specific about the apartment. But they may be adding more specifics now to look more credible. They will probably take the information from the lease and use it for identity theft or a fake ID, or send you a counterfeit cashier's check or counterfeit postal money order for "too much", then ask you to western union the difference back to them. If you send a lease, send a generic lease with no name and address information on it. Whatever it is, don't send them any real information about yourself even if you think they might be legitimate. If they want your name it is Ms. Smith ( no first name). If they turn out to be real, you can always say Ms. Smith is a pseudonym to divert scammers. Ask them SPECIFIC questions. Phishers will never give you a straight answer, but beat around the bush. What is their business? Company name? Manager's Name? Company address? Their address? Their telephone number? 3 References? But consider this, these are foreigners, wanting to rent an apartment in the USA. If they trash the apartment and return to their country, you are screwed no matter what.

    Lots of scams send checks that seem valid until 2 or 3 days after depositing when the check comes back as a fraud. They even do this with money orders and grams. They will usually ask you to send them some of the money back (that's how they make their profit). I would take the check, call it in instead of depositing it and see if it is real. If they say it is deposit it and wait at least 1 week before messing with the money. If it ends up a fraud check you get to report them, probably want do any good, but by doing it this way you want loose any money that might be real.

    Here's the scam ... Let's assume you are renting for $500 a month. They will want to pay for one year, up front, with a cashier's check. The check will be for more than the rent of $6,000 for the year ... let's say $6,850. They tell you to cash the check and send the $850 to them by Western Union. The check eventually bounces and you are out the $850 and the bounced check fees and the apartment is still unrented.

    I had the exact same issue when I had put some houses I had listed for sale on craigslist here in Kansas City. Fortunately for me, as it was a sale that would go through a title company I was able to identify these scammers pretty easily. To be on the safe side, I would tell them that unless you can work with a local representative Dover PERSON, then you cannot consider them for your rental property. Typically, if someone is transferring to the USA from another country, their company human resources department should be willing to speak with you to verify their story. If they can't provide any proof of who they are, then I would definitely have to assume it is a scam. Better safe than sorry, especially in this case. Good luck!

    Slightly extra ingredient could be needed. How could he be a undesirable impression on 2 little ones and a powerful one on yet another? comply with lease to him, then if he does something which you do no longer approve of, you could kick him out.

    ^^^^ Agreed. He said it best.. but I second it... Don't rent to foreigners.

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