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    I was waiting for a $14,265 settlement check for almost nine years because my attorney said my healthcare insurance had liens against it. I would check in about once a year to see the status. Well I checked it in Feb. and I was told they issued me a check in June that I cashed in Washington state. I happen to live a 1000 miles away in California. They e-mail ed a copy of the check . It was forged, endorsed then deposited and withdrew without any Fort MacKinley verification from me. Who is liable ?my attorney or wells fargo? I called three wells Fargo branches and asked if I could deposit a check that way and they said it is against policy. I just want my money.

    Your attorney is liable for making sure your funds are actually transferred into your possession- not sent in the general direction. Since they sent it to the wrong place, and apparently in an insecure way, they still owe you money that was transferred into their possession for you. The matter of it having been stolen by a third party is your attorney's problem, and a matter for them to take up with Wells. Wells Fargo will have to open an investigation and hunt down the thief- but your attorney is still on the hook where you are concerned.

    Your attorney. His staff royally screwed up. 1. Your attorney should have emailed you or sent by snail mail, that there was a judgment coming and how much. 2.They should have sent it by certified mail, return receipt for their records to confirm that you received the letter and check.

    You need to go to different local attorney's office for assistance in this matter.

    Your attorney liable to that mistaken, if it's your check he can bring it back to you without any lost either you or attorney or bank.. if it's open cheque again your attorney is liable to pay you without any second thought

Whats the good and bad with credit cards and is it a good idea to have one.?

  • Orpha Jakubowski
    Orpha Jakubowski
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  • Betsy Gorczany
    Betsy Gorczany
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  • Alvina Champlin
    Alvina Champlin
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  • Myrl Pfeffer
    Myrl Pfeffer
    - me maintains a local banks credit facilities union. neither even wider banking or the funding companies. such case once that standard rate due, 'il be all at a very pay it. it doesn't to become someones my office 2 of weeks, in order to be able get paid sanction and interest. major companies less frequently put across your files else to card -lrb- companies. 'll find it more difficult get a car back hotel/motel the edge w/o their honour card. flow rates not long too!
  • Gerda Johns
    Gerda Johns
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  • Josefina Christiansen
    Josefina Christiansen
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